My City: Sighle

We think our RUBY Christchurch Manager Sighle is the perfect person to let us in on a few of her favourite places in the beautiful Garden City that is Christchurch!

My parents and I moved from England to Christchurch over 20 years ago and I’ve been here ever since. One thing I love about Christchurch is how everything is in such close proximity without being crowded. You can go from town to the beach or countryside in 20 minutes. Christchurch is becoming rather exciting with the new plans for the city springing into action along with new cafes, bars and shops popping up all over the place. As well as the RUBY Christchurch Manager, I’m also a shopaholic, shoe connoisseur, general fashion addict and avid cinema fan


  1. The Monday Room

    The best Mushroom Bruschetta and Polenta Fries in town. With carpeted walls and a bar stacked full of encyclopedias it has a fantastic atmosphere and is also a great evening spot with a decadent drinks list, tapas and live music every night.


  2. Dux Dine

    Fine, contemporary dining situated in the historic Station Master’s villa. The restaurant specialises in seafood and vegetarian cuisine with excellent service. The Aubergine Involtini is amazing!


  3. Mt. Vernon Track

    Although situated at the end of my street, until recently I hadn’t been up there for years. From the top there are breathtaking views of the city and even as far as the Southern Alps, not to mention it’s a great work-out getting up there.


  4. The Store at Tai Tapu

    A short drive from town The Store at Tai Tapu is a great little escape. The café serves many scrumptious dishes as well as high tea, while the gift shop has something for everyone. Beware of the gaggle of lycra-clad cyclists (one being my dad) who frequent The Store everyday around 11am.


  5. Redcliffs Dairy

    Known for their generous ice cream scoops, Redcliffs Dairy is a must visit on the way to or from Sumner. I often make a special trip just for the ice cream and then pop around the corner to enjoy the view over the estuary at sunset.


  6. Castle Rock Café

    My favourite weekend brunch spot with chai lattes that are served in a milkshake glass. Surprisingly, the café is tucked away in the middle of an industrial estate but has fantastic views of the Port Hills and Castle Rock itself. It has a great friendly atmosphere where the staff always remember your favourite order.

  7. Sumner Beach

    Christchurch residents and visitors alike flock to Sumner on a sunny day. Even though it’s so close to town it has a very relaxed atmosphere, which is perfect for a stroll along the promenade.


  8. Botanical Gardens

    With Christchurch being the garden city, the Botanical Gardens are the epitome of this. There are many great picnic spots and events held throughout the grounds during the summer.

    Botanical Gardens

  9. The Gondola

    Recently re-opened after the earthquakes, the gondola is another great way to see Christchurch from above. It is a fun ride up there and when you reach the top the views are stunning.


  10. Re:START Mall

    The home of RUBY in Christchurch. It’s also affectionately known as ‘the container mall’ and is the new heart of the city with many vibrant shops, cafes, market stalls and street performers.

    Restart Mall

Make sure you try out some of these amazing places next time you're in town!

Shop One Night at Ruby!

New Zealand’s first and only online fashion night Shop One Night, brought to you by the team at Shop What's New is back for 2013!

We're excited to announce our limited edition product for Shop One Night, in association with Cleo Magazine.

The talented New Zealand illustrator & artist Henrietta Harris has customised ten classic Vans Authentics to be sold only online at on Wednesday 5th of June.

Capturing Henrietta’s signature style, the limited edition Vans feature motifs from Henrietta’s on-going sketchbook she keeps, to explore fresh and informal ideas.

With only ten of these very special Vans, they won’t stick around!


The Vans Authentics are available for purchase for $199 on Wednesday 5th of June from 5.00pm until 12.00am.

We spoke to the lovely Henrietta about the inspiration behind her Vans designs....

Henrietta Harris

I have kept sketchbooks for years and don't really show them to people as there is a lot of nonsense in there. But I go through phases of obsessively drawing in them every night and I approach the work differently from my "fine art", not sure why. I decided to see if I could recreate some of the pages on to the shoes, and it seemed to work quite well! I tried to make each pair interesting and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being wearable.

Henrietta Harris

What pair do you want for yourself?

The eggs!

Henrietta Harris

What exciting things are you currently working on?

I'm currently doing some food illustrations for a few magazines, painting portraits of male models (such a drag) for an online magazine called BITE, doing some exciting things for an amazing NYC/LA jewellery line Vera Meat and working on new paintings for an eventual show somewhere sometime.



Ruby Movie Night

We're getting ready for a few rainy nights in, so we asked our lovely RUBY Head Office team what their favourite movies are, to give you a bit of movie-inspiraton for the weekend ahead!

Minty, National Sales Manager

I am a big fan of the director Wes Anderson. My favourites of his are The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited and most recently Moonrise Kingdom!

The costume, soundtracks, set design and stylistic features of each of these films is pretty incredible and always so pleasing to the eye.

Costume designer Milena Canonero who worked on The Darjeeling Limited is amazing! I am obsessed with the customised Louis Vuitton luggage, it is so beautiful. Canonero also did the costume design for The Clockwork Orange and The Shining, another two very good films.


Christine, Managing Director

My favourite movie at the moment is Searching for Sugar Man. It's a real and humble movie with the most amazing music. Rodriguez's journey to South Africa, where he is absolutely huge, has a lovely feel good factor. A must watch!


Lichelle, Accountant

My favourite movie is Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. It's an old classic that I used to watch with my Dad growing up. The story, actors and scenery are all amazing and I can't look past a good romance!


Emily, Liam Designer

It's a tie between The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Mulholland Drive.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert has awesome attitude. It's so fun, the colours are so vivid and the way that it is shot really makes me feel like I am on that bus with them.


I'm fascinated by Mulholland Drive. I keep watching it and watching it and every time, I get something new out of it. There is something about it that gets right into my subconscious. I recently got one of the RUBY tassel purses and every time I zip it up I have a genuine flashback to the scene where Betty and Rita zip up Rita’s bag full of cash.


Melanie, Head Pattern Maker

I have many favourites as I am a bit of a movie fan! It's quite hard for me to pick one, but I do love the movie A Good Woman. I love the screen play writing and original author Oscar Wilde. There's also a very good twist at the end of the movie!


Brigit, Stock Controller

I love the quirkiness of The Darjeeling Ltd. Set in India, the scenery is amazing and the Louis Vuitton Luggage Set is incredible. I also have a thing for Adrian Brody which helps too!


Deanna, RUBY Designer

Baz Lurhman's Romeo and Juliet. I saw it for the first time when I was about thirteen at the movies and ran straight across the road to buy the soundtrack. I love everything about it- the music, costumes, direction and of course, Leo at his finest.


Frances, Design & Production Assistant

Life is Beautiful is the most beautifully sad movie ever! Set in Italy in WWII, it focuses on a family's plight in a Nazi Concentration Camp, who try to protect their young son and turn their life into an imaginary game. One to watch in bed on a rainy night with a box of tissues!


Anna-Lise, Brand Manager

I'm obsessed with Clueless and Home Alone. Both films are super nostalgic for me and I could watch them over and over again, sometimes at the annoyance of my friends & family.

I love the costumes in Clueless. Who wouldn't want Cher's virtual closet? And who couldn't love Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone? That movie has some of the best one liners.

Clueless & Home Alone

Happy Watching!