Christmas With Annie Oxborough

Annie is a post graduate Geography student at UoA’s School of Environment, obsessed with the natural world and the man-made urban space that we live in. She is currently focused on expressions of creativity that represent Aucklander’s through public art. Annie can be found wandering through the city with an inquisitive mind.


It's simple really, Christmas day should be a day to be taken seriously - cherished and adored. The people around you are the ones that count and that you hold dear but can never get enough of. I celebrate the special nature of the day by creating a sensory overload - the look, each gift wrapped by hand with love, chosen paper, and string, usually very economical but real. The food is a blend of us, NZ - winter fare mixed with a BBQ touch. I dress the table, and always allow myself a new frock, high heels and the best make up. Christmas day to me is a little slice of your Sunday best, a toast to days gone by...

I just shot this image for the latest issue of Taste Magazine and it was an opportunity for me to reflect on the day, what I really believe Christmas is and since my mother has passed it is even more nostalgic. Keeping the traditions; set the table, dress up, drink bubbles, be kind and enjoy each other. God damn all the gifts, they totally don't come into the equation!


Photo credit: Helen Bankers

You can find Annie's beautiful hybrids & flowers at THE DEPARTMENT STORE or via her website