Ivory Coast


What is the inspiration behind the song 'Longtime Love'? What is it all about?

The song was sparked after listening non-stop to Debussy's Clair De Lune and feebly trying to work out what makes it so beautiful. I guess at the time I was also thinking about the kind of unknowable, meancing forces that lurk in the dark forests of Fairy tales.

It is about falling out of love mostly.

Who did you work with on the song?

I wrote the song in my bedroom in 2008 and David Parker from Little Monster Studios engineered, mixed and mastered the song amongst the cows and chickens in pretty Oratia.

What other New Zealand artists do you look up to?

No video yet, I'm afraid. (Hello NZ On Air!)

What other New Zealand artists do you look up to?

Hollie Fullbrook from Tiny Ruins and James Milne from Lawrence Arabia are at the top in my book - they truly are amongst the country's finest songwriters, the calibre of their writing is just astonishing. St Liq/Jellphonic and Reggie Blount are bedroom genuises and I love losing my mind whenever Spring Break and The Cosbys play.

What instruments do you play?

I play keyboards mostly, all my songs were written on a very heavey Hohner Pianet T which has served me well over the years. I occasionally also shake a tambourine fro Tono & The Finance Company.

What do you consider when you're getting dressed to perform (clothes/ makeup/ hair do etc)?

I consider what is in my closet. I usually want to look really great and interesting but then leave it to the last minute and am forced to wear whatever is on the floor.

Re-Build W Remix

The concept of Rebuild was for 16 NZ Designers/Creatives to "rebuild" a Levis classic denim jacket -in their own vision-as a reflection of the process the city of Christchurch and its residents are currently going through.

Promoting a positive way of seeing destruction as also a time to create - when something is destroyed it heralds a new era of creation, and can then be rebuilt to a new and unique vision.

These jackets feature in the latest issue of REMIX mag (get your hands on a copy for the full editorial shoot) and are available to bid on Trade me, with all funds raised going towards supporting Christchurch's rebuild after the earthquakes.

RUBY Re-builds:


As featured in the latest issue of REMIX magazine on NZ model icon, Ngahuia


Liam Re-builds:


As featured in the latest issue of REMIX magazine on NZ Fashion Week founder & director; Pieter Stewart


Follow the Rebuild project Facebook page here