Why You Should Come to Laneway

Courtney Sanders of www.alwayssometimesanytime.com and www.courtneysanders.co.nz shares her reasons why you should come to LANEWAY 2013

Bat for Lashes’ haircut:
Natasha Khan took an exceptionally long hiatus in-between her last album and her most recent – and brilliant – release The Haunted Man. This was probably because she had to completely remake herself: the henna, spirit-worshipping talisman have been replaced with a slick, Ryan McGinley-photographed slice of confidence and Bat for Lashes – music included – is all the better for it. SEE:

Yeasayer’s back-catalogue:
So Yeasayer released a third studio album last year (Fragrant World) and it’s really not that good. I mean, it’s OK and if it were any other band I would probably tolerate it, but because it’s Yeasayer and because their previous two albums are INCREDIBLE, I simply can’t. Seriously, between the unashamedly anthemic pop of ‘O.N.E’ and the African-chic introspection of ‘2080’ they’re one of my favourite contemporary acts and so I say: forget 2012 and play all the songs I want! OK thanks.

Yeasayer 'O.N.E'

Yeasayer '2080'

Japandroid’s enthusiasm.
Two piece Canadian punk band Japandroids burst onto the international music radar (yes that is a thing) a couple of years back with their pun(k)chy debut Post Nothing, and they’ve just released a refined, mature follow up (Celebration Rock). I was lucky enough to discuss their album with drummer David Prowse and you know what? They just seem so pumped to be a band (and particularly to play live for their fans), that there is no way this won’t be all kinds of awesome. Thanks to modern technology we don’t have to speculate, either.

Japandroids 'Fire Highway' live:

Dan Boeckner’s new project, Divine Fits.
When BOTH of Dan Boeckner’s amazing projects, Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs announced their discontinuation last year, you acted similarly to me–weeping for days alone in a dank, curtain-drawn room listening to Apologies from the Queen Mary on repeat – right?
Well anyway, I awoke from said catatonic state to a new Dan Boeckner project, a ‘supergroup’ even, with Spoon frontman, Britt Daniel. The resulting album, A Thing Called Divine Fits, sounds exactly like what would happen if you mixed Handsome Furs and Spoon together (read: great) which I guess is the whole point.

Divine Fits:

The New Zealand contingent!
Did you know that New Zealand music is GOING OFF right now? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is, and the Laneway team have picked the finest festival-worthy acts to play on January 28th. Lawrence Arabia will perform tracks from his lilting latest album The Sparrow (and, having seen him perform in the middle of the day at a festival while drunk (me, not him) once before, I can confirm this is a revelatory experience), The Eversons will belt out their brand of Kiwiana college rock, Deer Park will lull us into an alternate reality in which trumpets rule supreme, and, AFTER ALL OF THAT, The Phoenix Foundation better play ’40 Years’, arguably the best NZ Festival Song ever written!

The Eversons ‘Could It Ever Get Better’

Lawrence Arabia ‘The Listening Times’

The Phoenix Foundation ’40 Years’

For more interviews, tracks and videos from these artists head here: www.undertheradar.co.nz

Courtney Sanders #1 - Reading Material

Reading Material.

Hi there! I guess an introduction is in order as I will be guest-blogging my way across the RUBY website over the next few weeks. I run a little website called www.alwayssometimesanytime.com where as well as writing lengthy diatribes on the merits of Rob Lowe (because of this) I write about fashion and style the occasional shoot (preferably on Photoshop, preferably with aliens and haute couture). When I’m not doing that I’m a staff writer at www.undertheradar.co.nz, which is “New Zealand’s biggest alternative music website.


I was going to spend this, my first post of the week ranting about vapid personal style blogs, simultaneously questioning why the fashion industry attracts that kind of idiocy like moth to a flame. But instead I took a deep breath, cleared nightmares of grammatical errors and amateurish puns from my mind and decided to detail the online fashion platforms which are innovative and exciting: places where you can read and learn and not feel like a retard for believing that fashion – like art and music - is an integral part of our cultural landscape.

  1. The Business of Fashion: is exactly what it says it is. Founded by Imran Amed The BoF has recruited a network of intellectuals who contribute detailed essays on everything from sustainability in fashion production to the relative merits of a particular designer.


  1. Bullett Magazine: is an American magazine that has some of the best RSS titles I have ever come across. They also write everyone’s favourite thing, lists, really well, aren’t afraid to be controversial (although if I was directing a film and was offered Chanel’s jewellery vaults I don’t think I would turn them down either) and interviewed a Washington-based ‘Style Consultant’ which, combining politics and fashion is pretty much both my ultimate job and one of the best interview I have ever read.


  1. Portable.tv: are a multi-disciplinary fashion website who also hold conferences and run online stores (I think). But most importantly, they make a really good argument for *why Lana Del Ray sucks as a human being**.


  1. The Cut: you guys probably already know how awesome New York Magazine’s fashion section, ‘The Cut’ is, but did you know that Vagina Crystals are a thing? See, it’s very important that you follow this website. They also created a prolific image gallery of Tilda Swinton’s wardrobe that suggests she really enjoys shiny fabrics and does not make her opinion on adorning one’s private parts clear.


  1. Slutever: while we’re on ‘below-the-belt’ topics let me introduce you to Karley Sciotino, a fashion-sex-everything awkward-blogger who is revolutionizing the way women think about and discuss personal issues. Who needs Sex and the City when you have an Opening Ceremony-endorsed babe openly blogging about online sex. And fashion and culture, which is the only thing on her site I read, of course.


Enjoy! I hope you found some new reading material to keep your iPad stocked over summer and were sufficiently entertained to read next week’s post or to head over here for more.