Darkness of Noon Arrives at Ruby!

We love Kelly Thompson's playful illustrations so we couldn't wait to check out her new Darkness of Noon collaborative book with renowned New Zealand fashion photographer Derek Henderson.

Darkness of Noon

Featuring Derek's photographs of one of our favourite models Zippora Seven and drawings by Kelly, the two mediums sit alongside each other perfectly.


We're excited to have received a VERY small number of the limited Darkness of Noon book into all RUBY stores and online today.

We caught up with the charming Kelly to get the inside scoop on Darkness of Noon...

Kelly Thompson

How did Darkness of Noon come about?

Derek sent me an email one day, it was about one sentence long and was basically just 'hi, my name's Derek, I like your stuff, want to collaborate?' I was pretty excited and emailed back and it all rolled on from there. He had already completed the majority of the shooting at that point so when I was in Sydney for a visit I caught up with him, and we discussed ideas, he gave me the full unedited collection of images, and off I went.

What did you enjoy most about the project?

My favourite part was the time. These days all my work is on a very quick timeline with a very strict brief, so it was so nice to do what I wanted, and indulge in a project with no time limit.

Kelly Thompson

Three words to describe Zippora in Derek’s images…

Alone, serene & complete.

Derek Henderson

What are your favourite photographs that Derek has shot in the book?

I love the double page image near the back of her lying on her stomach with wet hair in the sand. I think its something to do with her facial expression, but it reminds me of summer heat and how you always want the clouds to stay away after a swim so you can be dried by the sun. I also like the third photo in the book. She has her hands above her head and is stretching to the side. I feel like I experience the release of breath that comes with a satisfying stretch when I look at this image. She looks beautiful.

We love the design of the book. Who was behind it?

Fabio Ongarato is a very noted graphic designer from Melbourne and he did the full book design. He has worked on all of Derek's books so it was only natural for him to work on this one too. They have a great relationship and he understands Derek's work. Fabio has a very clean, purposeful style which matches quite perfectly with Derek's images and the way I like to simplify my subject.

Do you have a favourite Zippy drawing?

My favourite ones are the ones of her in the water where she is partially submerged. I love how the crops of her body create a minimal image. I also enjoyed the process of drawing clumped damp hair.

Kelly Thompson

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