Recipe: Stolen Rum 'Fresh + Sparkling' Cocktail

Our friends at Stolen Rum created the delicious 'Stolen FRESH + SPARKLING' Cocktail, with our favourite Stolen White, for the RUBY Wellington x MYDEERFOX event last Thursday.

Stolen Rum

Try making this refreshing cocktail at home using the following steps:

You will need:

  • 30ml Stolen White
  • 30ml Six Barrel Soda Co. Celery Tonic
  • 30ml Rejuva Aloe Vera Juice
  • Perrier Lime Water to top
  • 15ml fresh lime juice
  • Cucumber slices


Combine all ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Top with Perrier Lime Water and garnish with a long thin slice of cucumber.

Stolen Rum 3

Stolen Rum 2

Stolen Rum 1

We spoke to the talented Stolen Rum National Sales Director and genius behind the 'Stolen FRESH + SPARKLING' Cocktail, Chris Harrop about his inspiration for the cocktail and handy tips on cocktail making at home.

What was your inspiration for the 'Stolen FRESH + SPARKLING' Cocktail?

Working with the Six Barrel Soda Co.'s range of syrups. I wanted to create something delicious and fresh with Stolen White and their Celery Tonic. Incorporating some other elegant, refreshing flavours like Aloe Vera and fresh lime made a lot of sense.

What is your favourite cocktail?

A very hard question! It would be a shame to pick only one as there are so many different occasions that call for different styles of drink. Inspired by the creative bartenders of the Carribbean, you will regularly find me sipping on a Hemingway Daiquiri.

What’s a good wintery cocktail recipe for the cooler months that are coming our way?

As our drink habits change once the days get shorter, a great winter cocktail is something you can imagine snuggling up next to a fire with. The below is a good twist on a sour with a bit of spice thrown in.

You will need:

- 45ml Stolen White

- 20ml fresh lemon juice

- 15ml maple syrup

- 30ml fresh orange juice

- Dash of angostura bitters

- 1 cinnamon quill

- 1 orange zest


Shake the Stolen White, fresh lemon, maple, orange juice and bitters with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with the cinnamon quill and orange zest.

Making cocktails at home can be quite daunting, what are your two top tips to make it stress free?

The approach to making cocktails at home is akin to baking. You wouldn’t pick fifty things to bake at once as this would be costly, messy and time consuming. So, pick a couple of drinks you want to make and just buy the ingredients you require. As with baking, the quality of what you make is based on what ingredients you use. Use fresh produce and quality alcohol and you're already on the front foot for making a delicious drink. Make sure you have lots of ice, the more ice the better.

We've got one amazing cocktail making kit to giveaway, containing:

- Stolen Rum White Rum 375ml

- Perrier Professional Bar Spoon

- Perrier Bottle Opener

- Perrier Drink Stirrers

To enter, email us at with the city you live in and your name by 9am on Thursday 18th April.

All applicants much be over 18 and be able to collect their prize from their nearest RUBY store.