Ruby Loves: Weekend Farmers Markets

We love heading out our to our local farmers' market bright and early over the weekend. We have a tendency to lose ourselves in the flurry of fresh produce, delicious treats and charming stallholders, indulging ourselves along the way - but why not, it is the weekend after all. With so many new markets and stalls popping up each week, we decided to go on a little adventure to our favourite markets across the country. Here are a few of our favourites from Auckland all the way down to Dunedin...


Auckland has an abundance of must see farmers markets. It was tough picking one, so we had to choose two...

City Farmers' Market at Britomart

Every Saturday, rain or shine, we find ourselves at the City Farmers' Market in the centre of the Britomart precinct. This pint sized market has it all - from french pastries and crepes, to mussel fritters and octopus dumplings, it's very difficult to not sample everything in sight. Our picks are Philippe's Chocolate & French Pastries and Mulleez Smoked Seafood. Don't forget to pick up a bunch of fresh flowers before you leave - another stall too difficult to resist.

Grey Lynn Farmers Market

On Sundays it is essential for us to head over to the Grey Lynn Farmers Market. A little pocket of the country along Richmond Rd. Our absolute favourites are newcomers Carew Kitchen, who make the most delectable almond milk, and Hakanoa Handmade Drinks, which you can use in a 101 different ways - just check out their recipes online. Despite being another small market the amount of fresh produce and warm, flakey pastries they have on offer is worth the early wake up call.



The Hamilton & Waikato Farmers Market runs every Sunday from 8am - 12pm and has a massive selection of goodies week to week. With fifty stall holders (and growing) there are treats for all tastes, including dogs! We cannot get enough of award winning Sweetree Honey and Soggy Bottom Holding, who hands down serve the best pies in the Waikato.




We adore the Hill Street Farmers' Market, which run every Saturday from 8.30am - 12.30pm, offering a little slice of the country to our capital. The market is buzzing with incredible stalls, so it's very hard to pick and choose favourites. Two stalls we are quietly obsessed with are Fix and Fogg and the House of Dumplings. Peanut butter and dumplings are high on our list of favourite things, and these two offer some of the best. Definitely worth a visit them this weekend.



Christchurch has a lot of fresh and exciting markets popping up but our favourite is a golden oldie, The Christchurch Farmers' Market at Riccarton House. Open from 9am - 1pm every Saturday, we love heading out to these markets to see what's new. Cakes by Anna is an absolute favourite and we are also loving new kids on the block Honest Organics. Their sweet yet healthy range of treats is incredible, we especially love the Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl, with the raspberry base, yum!



Last but certainly not least we have the Otago Farmers' Market, the perfect place to end our journey. A hub of food, produce, treats and flowers it's a wonderland for any market lover. The market runs every Saturday from 8am until 12.30pm, and we can never resist starting off with a sweet crepe from La Crepe. After collecting fresh fruit and vegetables for the week ahead, we make sure to grab some pizza from Mamma Mia Pizza. They may just make the best wood fire pizzas in Dunedin and it's the only (and best!) way to finish off a trip to the markets.


What are a few of your favourite markets? Comment below and we'll make sure we check them out x

Ruby Loves: the Muesli Hub

Essential to any morning wake up and one of the most delicious meals of the day, we love breakfast here at RUBY! Lucy & Jono from The Muesli Hub craft both tasty and nutritious muesli which can be custom-made to suit your own preferences and lifestyle. We were intrigued to find out more so we had a chat to the dynamic duo about their breakfast obsession.....

Jono & Lucy

How did The Muesli Hub come about?

The Muesli Hub was born from a love of breakfast and a desire to find the perfect breakfast which we quickly realised was different for everyone. We couldn't find a perfect option on the shelf and often found ourselves adding things in or taking things out. After travelling, we came home to New Zealand with an idea to shake up the breakfast scene and encourage people to love breakfast again, which has since seen The Muesli Hub come to life.

The Muesli Hub

What is your favourite muesli?

We both eat a lot of muesli, often finding it sneaking its way into lunch or daytime snacking options. Lucy loves the superfood base, mixing in roasted hazelnuts, almonds, blueberries and a double serving of coconut topped off with chia seeds and freeze dried raspberries for a pop of colour. Jono is a sucker for the lightly-honey roasted base and can't go without walnuts and macadamia nuts in his mix. He tops this off with juicy Turkish figs, whole cranberries and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and linseed. Sometimes, he mixes in some yogurt-covered raisins for a burst of healthy sweetness. Both of these mixes combine ingredients which are great for the skin, hair, heart and mind, not to mention are also full of super foods which are packed with nutrients.

Figs & Muesli

Favourite breakfast spot...

If we head out to a cafe for breakfast we can't go past Fred's on Franklin Road. They are certainly lovers of breakfast and make a killer Bircher muesli. We love the focus that Fred's puts on flavours, from their milkshakes to the unique and original flavour combinations on the menu which showcase how well different ingredients can go together.

Breakfast is our favourite meal of the day...

We love all the feelings that come with morning time, whether it be an early mid-week start and morning jog, or a hot tea and fuzzy socks on a wintery Sunday. We think that the morning meal should be celebrated. Breakfast is the one meal of the day where a lot of people go for an off the shelf option, we figure that you design lunch and dinner around your lifestyle, so why can't this concept of 'eating for you' start at the breakfast bowl.


With the help of Jono & Lucy, we've created our own RUBY & Liam muesli masterpieces! Emily, our Liam Designer, and Deanna, our RUBY Designer, share the inspiration behind their choices.....

Emily Miller-Sharma, Liam Designer

Sugar for me is kind of a no-go (especially in the morning) so I sweetened our Liam muesli with banana chips and dates, complementing the sweetness with the spiciness of cinnamon. I like the idea of the contrast that adding salt gives. I've kept the nuts raw as they are better for you that way, and as the muesli base is toasted there's some baked-tasting crunch in there.

Deanna Didovich, RUBY Designer

I always love a gluten-free muesli because they are light, crunchy and bubbly. To our RUBY mix I added apricots, turkish figs, cashew nuts and almonds, with a sprinkling of dried raspberries and Himalayan salt. I'm looking forward to enjoying mine with some coconut yogurt and berries.

Brekkie Mixes

We've got five RUBY & Liam muesli packs to giveaway! Follow us on Instagram to find out how you can win x

Ruby Loves: Inner City Eats & Treats

There's nothing better than lovely company, good food and a lazy weekend in Auckland's central city which has so many great cafes to experience. We've adventured out, exploring the nooks and crannies of central Auckland to find some of the cities' best treats for you to indulge in over the weekend.

Giles Luncheonette, Shortland Street

One of the newest cafe's on the block, Giles Luncheonette is abuzz during the week fulfilling the appetite of busy Auckland professionals and is just as popular on a Saturday. It is just around the corner from RUBY High St so it's safe to say we're regulars at this spot! It's a special little eatery with a lot of heart supporting local New Zealand talent with Supreme Coffee and Al Brown's Best Ugly Bagels on offer alongside a tasty menu. If you've got a sweet tooth, Giles has a selections of delicious pieces provided from The Caker daily.


Image by The Denizen

The Store, Britomart

It's the best of both worlds with this cafe of two halves. Tucked away on Gore Street, the takeaway side of The Store is a treasure trove of treats for those wanting to grab a bite on the go. Enjoy pastries, tarts, filled baguettes and freshly baked artisan breads while you wander around and explore the City Farmers' Market on a Saturday morning. But if you're after a leisurely lunch make your way around to The Store's cafe side with it's seasonal all day menu and award winning gelato - yum!

The Store

Image by Britomart

Mojo, Vulcan Lane

Heartwarming and delightful with a vintage aesthetic, this Vulcan Lane espresso bar is just a tiny piece from the expanding empire of Wellington-based coffee roasters, Mojo. A spot for true coffee connoisseurs, Mojo provides an ethical range of blends and bean origins along with freshly made edibles. The decor and exposed brick interior gives us the cosiest of feelings and makes us want to tuck ourselves away here on a rainy Saturday with a fresh brew of coffee and some good conversation.


Image by Gather & Hunt

Ortolana, Britomart

From the stunning garden-like greenery that surrounds its' diners to the delicious and fresh produce, Ortolana is our favourite places to go when we want to enjoy a leisurely weekend meal. The bistro does everything from brunch to dinner and its open kitchen means you see the skill required as the chefs prepare you meal. While you're there, try one of their homemade sodas and if you're feeling a little naughty, treats from local dessert bar Milse are on offer.


Image by Metro Eats

Which spot is on your list for the weekend? x