Summer Beauty With Leonie Barlow - Hair


Hair this summer is all about loose natural waves. The great news is they are super-easy to achieve with the right tools. My all-time fav tool for curling is the Cloud Nine Micro Wand. It’s going to set you back a cool $250 but it’s money well spent. This wand is easy to use and has two temperature settings to cater for different hair types. The Cloud Nine is the wand the professionals swear by and once you get hold of this bad boy you’ll know why it’s a firm favourite.

Olivia Palermo


Nina Dobrev


There’s nothing lazy about scraping your hair up into a pony this season but make sure you finish it with a cool hair tie. I have these super-cute skull hair ties for sale over on my blog if you’d like one I can hook a girlfriend up. Find out more [here]


Get the Look - RUBY & Liam Hair at NZFW Thanks to Ghd

RUBY: 'For the hair, I created a casual and effortless look that epitomises the RUBY girl' - Michael Beel for ghd


  1. Spray ghd Root Lift Spray and ghd Curl Hold Spray throughout the hair. Use a ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush and ghd Air to dry in the product, creating a natural root lift and a slightly off centre parting.
  2. Using the ghd Gold Max Styler, take sections approximately 2-3 inches wide and lightly texture set the hair; do a half turn under directed wave.
  3. Pin up and work around the whole head making sure movement moves away from face.
  4. Allow to cool.
  5. Take out and gently brush using ghd Dressing Brush.
  6. Apply ghd Final Shine Spray to the ends only and piece out slightly.

Liam: 'For Liam, we created a look that had an understated and elegant feel, without being too contrived. We wanted an up-do that looked as though the girls had done it themselves'


  1. Spray ghd Root Lift Spray at the roots and apply ghd Total Volume Foam tot he ends. Blow dry in the product using the ghd Air and a ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush, creating lightness and air in the hair.
  2. Spray ghd Curl Hold Spray throguh the hair and use the ghd Gold Classic Styler to do a classic tube curl set, lightly texture setting the roots. Pin up and allow to cool.
  3. Take out pins and brush out using the ghd Dressing Brush.
  4. Take a low side parting on the right hand side and brush hair back behind the ears, keeping the hairline smooth and clean.
  5. Secure the hair low at the nape using bobby pins and twist into a low French Roll shape.
  6. Secure and allow flyaways.
  7. Lightly spray the hair with ghd Final Fix Hairspray and ghd Final Shine Spray.

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