Maddy Budd's Top 10 Laneway Survival Tips

Every year on Auckland's Anniversary day the Auckland waterfront comes alive with Laneway Festival. With some of our favourite local & international musicians performing, it's one of our favourite days of the year! For those of you that are off to Laneway on Monday, our friend & blogger Maddy Budd has put together her top 10 Laneway survival tips and her outfit picks so you turn up prepared for an amazing day....

FKA Twigs

What are your top 10 Laneway survival tips?

1. Drink water - you're going to be sweating up and storm on that d floor so keep hydrated ladies.

2. Have a buddy - you're going to lose most of the people you arrived with guaranteed so make sure you have at least one person who will stick with you for the day.

3. Sunnies - don't forget these or you will risk getting sunburnt on your eyeballs. That can actually happen!

4. Have a schedule - print it off or have it on your phone.

5. Walk in with an awesome squad - last year the walk in was almost the best part we had a massive group of us and it was the best way to start the day.

6. Sunblock - you won't want to carry sunblock but make sure you block up before you leave the house because nobody likes a singlet tan.

7. Eat - every year someone forgets to eat and ends up fainting or having to go home early. So make sure you have with good breakfast and take some time out during the day to get something at the festival.

8. Have a meeting spot - just in case someone loses their buddy or you get sick of your buddy and want to talk to someone else make a meeting spot at the beginning of the day and tell all your friends then you'll always have somewhere to go back to.

9. Pre-plan your day - look at the schedule before hand and decide which acts you want to go to and check to see if any of your favourites are overlapping because you may have to pick which one you'd rather see.

10. Pack light - only take what you need because you'll bet sick of carrying stuff around all day.

What are your top outfit picks for Laneway this year?

Maddy Budd

If I'm feeling a bit more girlie and want to stand out, the patterned Kondo Playsuit is perfect. It's comfy but still looks amazing. Paired with heaps of cute little accessories to match and boom I'm Florence Welch.

Maddy wears RUBY Kondo Playsuit & Tassel Bracelets

Maddy Budd

You can't really go wrong with a plain top and shorts - keeping things nice and simple. The blue shirt looks awesome tied around your waist and will come in handy as it gets colder towards the end of the day.

Maddy wears Russo Tank, Mizu Iro Shirt & Empire Shorts

What's your best Laneway memory?

It would have to be walking in last year and when I arrived at Laneway and ran in just in time to catch UMO and I was so excited I used up most of my energy for the day in the first 30 minutes. But just being with all my friends running around, dancing, listening to awesome music is amazing. The festival is always such a great day. I can't wait!

Who are you most excited to see at this year's festival?

I can't wait to see Little Dragon, FKA Twigs, Jungle, SOHN and Tiny Ruins.

Thanks Maddy! We can't wait either x