We Love Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

We were so excited when Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar opened in Auckland Central's Wellesley Street at the end of 2012. Not only do they make the best cookies in town, they also serve delicious milkshakes (peanut butter!), ice cream sandwiches and coffee.


We spoke to the lovely Deanna Yang, managing director and genius behind Moustache, to find out more about Moustache and where her love of Cookies came from.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name's Deanna Yang, 22 year old born and raised in West Auckland. I'm the Chief Cookie Officer (managing director and owner) of Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar. We bake cookies and we bake 'em good. We use the best quality ingredients (such as Whittakers chocolate, cage-free eggs, premium dutch cocoa etc) and bake the cookies fresh on site every day.


When did you start Moustache Cookies?

I started planning for Moustache in 2010 - my second year of university. I started working 3 jobs during full time university to save up for Moustache. After I graduated, I quit all my jobs to dedicate my entire life to starting it up. We opened in September 2012.

Why did you decide to start Moustache Cookies?

I decided to open Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar to fulfill a childhood dream of mine. When I was a kid, we didn't have much money so a popular supper treat was the humble cookie with milk. I wrote on my bucket list that I wanted to open a cookie shop - never thinking that I'd actually do it. But as I went through university, I realised that it was what I really wanted to do so I dove head-first into it.

What’s your favourite type of cookie and why?

My favourite type of cookie is the Chocolate Chunk cookie. It's classic and reminds me of my childhood - I don't think anything can beat it. At Moustache, we only use Whittaker's chocolate in our cookies (and we use a lot!) and that makes a world of difference. It really sets it apart from other chocolate chip cookies you see around.


We love the interior of Moustache Cookies. What influenced the fit-out?

The interior of Moustache is a reflection of my personality and my childhood. The back wall is my favourite colour, yellow and the shelves are bright with pink, white and blue paints. There are old school milk bottles which are reminiscent of when my parents moved here and milk was still delivered to your door in glass bottles. There's an entire wall made up of chalkboard which again is reminiscent of growing up in 80's/90's New Zealand. I had some amazing architects from mimo inc* help me with the interior and they captured the very essence of my brand and what Moustache was about - fun, quirky and happy. It's old-school with a modern twist.

What does Moustache Cookies have planned for Easter?

We've definitely got a few ideas up our sleeves....we'll be doing our own interpretation of the classic Hot Cross Bun.

How would you describe your personal style?

I'm a bit of a tom-boy so you will find me rocking sneakers & tee on most days. I like the whole casual look - messy buns, chucks and shorts.

We agree with Deanna, our favourite cookie would have to be the classic Chocolate Chunk!

Check them out at 12 Wellesley St West, Auckland Central.