Ruby Weekly: Bec Callaghan

Our latest RUBY Weekly installment showcases our gorgeous Christchurch manager, Bec. From designer brands to op-shop finds, Bec lets us in on her weekly wardrobe and her favourite styles that she can't live without.

Monotones, colour blocking and prints are my deal. I am a little bit of a clothing hoarder! When describing my style of dress, I wouldn’t call myself a girly girl however I'm definitely not a tomboy. If anything, I pick one item that I am absolutely dying to wear on that particular day and then I work the rest out from there. There will always be either some sort of pattern or bright lipstick involved to lighten the mood.


MONDAY: Liam Meander Pantsuit

Monday was a busy day for me consisting of a meeting, a lunch date, a flight and a lovely dinner…so the perfect outfit was a must. I rediscovered my Liam Meander Pantsuit, which I absolutely adore. It’s super comfortable but still so chic. I like to layer it up and keep my look clean cut, so a crisp white shirt, leather jacket and brogues were the perfect additions for today's outfit.


TUESDAY: RUBY Diamonds Sweater & Cabazon Mini

I took the chance to enjoy the beautiful spring weather Auckland had put on for me and wore my Cabazon Mini paired with my Diamonds Sweater. Looking at my grey on grey ensemble, I decided it needed a little bit of leopard to make things more interesting, hence the addition of my RUBY Bedrock Coat from our RUBY Favourites collection. I am a huge leopard advocate and it is definitely a must have in everyone's wardrobe.


WEDNESDAY: RUBY Diamond Zipper Skirt, Gene Longsleeve & Ace Wedge

My adventures took me to Wellington today. It was a beautiful & sunny day on the waterfront so I jumped at the chance to wear a skirt again. The skirt of choice today was my RUBY Diamonds Zipper Skirt paired with my RUBY Gene Longsleeve. As Wellington can always be a bit temperamental, I layered up my outfit with a cosy knit, but opted to kept it dressy with my RUBY Ace Wedge.


THURSDAY: RUBY Cabana Jumpsuit & Stones Shirt

I cannot express my excitement on taking my new RUBY Cabana Playsuit out and about around town. Give me a playsuit or a pantsuit any day and I’m there. Luckily, I am spoilt for choice as we do the best ones. There was no better way to top this outfit off than with my favourite navy brogues and a chambray shirt.


FRIDAY: RUBY Major League Shorts, Magdelena Silk Tank & Bird Shirt

Yet another monochromatic outfit to add to my list. Today I felt like dressing it up a bit more. I threw on some heels, my Major League Shorts and Bird Shirt for the occasion and topped it off with my trusty leather jacket to keep out of the Wellington wind. My new Bird Shirt is the perfect light weight layering piece, just right for a breezy Friday.


SATURDAY: Liam Comfy Sweater & RUBY Ankle Socks

Another day, another playsuit. This time it’s leopard, already two of my favourite things…the third would have to be my Liam Comfy Sweater. This sweater is exactly what its name implies; extreme comfort. Saturday was the day to take my brand new RUBY socks for a spin, which are sneakily peeking out of my boots.


SUNDAY: RUBY Stones Shirt & Liam Twin Blazer

Ending the week with a comfortable outfit is key. Sunday attire for me is denim on denim. My Stones Shirt and my most comfortable boyfriend jeans were the only way to go here. To finish off my relaxed approach to the day, I popped on my Liam Twin Blazer and some lace up brogues. Bliss.

Thanks Bec! x

Ruby Weekly: Elise Hoggard

In the latest instalment of our RUBY Weekly series, we catch up with RUBY High St girl Elise Hoggard. Currently in her final semester at AUT, majoring in Film & Television, this Wellington expat works and plays in both fashion and theatre, which inspires her very eclectic and creative outfits. As someone who bases her outfits on how they make her feel, Elise gives us a peek into her daily outfit picks, reminding us that a good outfit can do wonders for your confidence....

My wardrobe is an eclectic mix of op-shop and designer buys - filled with clashing prints and lots of colour. I'm definitely more of a tomboy; long-sleeve tees, baggy jeans and sneakers are my usual combo. What I really love is constructing a masculine outfit with feminine elements to find a point of difference. Stylistically, I really admire Sita Abellan and Zara Mirkin, however, in saying that I try not to follow trends or aim to impress others, clothes are fun and you should always dress for yourself.



I'm one lucky duck and in my final semester I find myself without any uni on a Monday. Today I chose to wear the craziest dress I found in SaveMart, a pair of grubby Vans and my old faithful bucket hat. My RUBY Bird Shirt in White is the dreamiest item in my wardrobe at the moment and seemed the only piece that would match this outfit - I love the contrast of a simple, tailored shirt with the obnoxious pattern of my dress.


TUESDAY: RUBY Dreamer Coat & RUBY Riot Chain Cuff

It was an incredible sunny day in Auckland so I leapt at the chance to bare my legs, in my leather shorts that I have worn to death. I'm a bit of a tomboy so since I'm wearing shorts and heels today, the final touch was my RUBY Dreamers Coat - super oversized and masculine. I finished the look off with my RUBY Riot Chain Cuff which I like to wear as a choker and a pair of chunky heels to match.


WEDNESDAY: RUBY Major League Skirt

At the moment, I can't get enough of my RUBY Major League Skirt. I wear a lot of baggy clothing and this sexy, slick pencil skirt is the perfect addition to any tomboy outfit.


THURSDAY: Liam Concertina Tank & RUBY Diamonds Zipper Skirt

Today I needed an outfit that would carry me from morning to midnight, as my agenda included a meeting, work and then a film with friends. My RUBY Diamonds Zipper Skirt caught my eye this morning, so I chose to craft my outfit around this piece. I paired it my Liam Concertina Tank, as I love the look of the neckline peeking out, especially under my mesh tee - another amazing op-shop gem.


FRIDAY: RUBY Stardust Jean & Liam Concertina Tank

Today I felt like being a bit ridiculous, Fridays tends to do that to me. I decided I simply must wear my floor length Japanese kimono because why the hell not? Underneath I wore my trusty RUBY Stardust Jeans from a few seasons ago which are well-loved and my grey Concertina Tank to balance out the outfit. I love being a bit reckless when it comes to wearing patterns and the contrasting prints of my kimono and jeans captured that perfectly.

SATURDAY: Liam Solarise Dress

Today is Saturday and I am taking the day off! My best friend Jane and I wasted no time in leaving the house, choosing to spend the morning at the Auckland Winter Gardens - our happy place. I couldn't help but dress the part in my new Liam Solarise Dress. I adore it.


SUNDAY: RUBY Dolly Check Shirt

More often than not my flatmates and I find ourselves down Dominion Road at our local dumpling spot - New Flavour. This may just be my favourite place in the universe so to match my excited mood I popped on my RUBY Dolly Check Shirt in Taupe and some Timberlands...judging by this picture, it was a pretty happy evening.

Thanks Elise! x

Ruby Style: Meet Our Auckland Team

Meet our Auckland Manager's and find out what they're loving this winter....


What do you love most about this outfit?

I love how versatile it is – it’s definitely an outfit I can wear to work and out at night during these winter weekends. I’m one to mix patterns, colours and fabrics so this outfit is a favourite of mine. I tend to stay away from wearing too much black during winter so I love the contrast between the stark white Mist Top and the lush petrol of my Dusk Jeans. I also love Liam jeans. They always feel like old favourites you have had for years, they are just that comfortable!

What are your must-have Autumn/Winter 2014 pieces?

- Benvolio Cardigan - They’re a RUBY favourite and a favourite of mine, white or black, you can’t go wrong. Benvolio is the perfect winter companion – warm, fluffy and a zip! Functional and adorable, he is the best.

- May Silk Blouse - A black, silk blouse is an essential piece of every wardrobe and the May Silk Blouse is one of the best.

- Rumours Ankle Boot - It is tough to find the perfect ankle boot. They need to have the right amount of heel and not cut you off. I love my Donkey pair so much, I got the Black too – a winter boot not to be missed.

How would you describe your personal style?

In one word, eclectic. I love bold colours, pastel colours and patterns. Mixing them, matching them, I’m obsessed. I love old classics, ridiculously out there pieces and mixing the two. I may also hoard silk pieces especially long silk gowns. I particularly love to wear these gowns as casual as possible, because why not. I’m a bit of a fashion magpie, high or low it doesn’t matter, if I like it, I’ll have it and make it work.

What do you love most about RUBY High St?

The heritage – Our High Street store was the first ever RUBY store. I remember shopping here as a teenager and falling in love with the brand. It’s a beautiful little pocket among the buzz of city life and people never cease to comment on how much they love coming into the store.


What do you love most about this outfit?

I love the juxtaposition of my oversized Stones Shirt worn with a more feminine skirt. I like layering jewellery over buttoned up shirts too, it's a lovely contrast!

How would you describe your personal style?

It depends on my mood - if it's a gloomy day I tend to wear darker colours as a reflection. In summer the brighter, the better!

What do you love most about your store?

The Department Store is such a unique environment to work within. It's a place where our customer's can experience the very best in design, beauty & fashion. In a world overwhelmed by generic product and bland shopping experiences, The Department Store is a haven of good taste, quality and luxury at every price point!


What do you love most about this outfit?

I like the quirkiness of this outfit. The Theo Trousers are super bright so I've kept the rest of my outfit neutral.

What’s your favourite colour to wear in winter?

Black. I’m definitely a monochromatic kind of girl, but do enjoy adding an extra splash of colour into an outfit at times.

How would you describe your personal style?

Ever evolving. I’m often drawn to pieces that are a little different, without being too out there, and enjoy incorporating these into outfits in a modern and sophisticated way. At the moment I’m loving trousers and coordinated suits so you could say it’s quite masculine inspired.


What do you love most about this outfit?

I love how each piece can be worn casual or dressy. This appeals to me as I love mixing these two ways of dressing into one overall look. I love the casualness of the Dusk Bomber sitting on my shoulders paired with my dressy skirt & heels. Each piece seems to even each other out.

What’s your favourite colour to wear in winter?

I am attracted to darker shades in my wardrobe, so I do tend to wear A LOT of black, grey and white in winter. I do love a bit of burgundy thrown in there, too!

What do you love about working in Newmarket?

I love that we are right in the heart of the Auckland fashion area. I love seeing very stylish people around Teed St. They inspire me with my own wardrobe and how I can switch up my looks in store too! It's really fun having people in store who have a great appreciation for fashion and who adore RUBY like I do.

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Images by Karen Ishiguro