Kylie Cooke's X Factor Photo Diary

Kylie Cooke is one of our favourite freelance stylists. Having worked as the Head Stylist on New Zealand's Next Top Model, Kylie has taken on an exciting new challenge as the Key Stylist of X Factor.

We were lucky enough to chat to the stylish Kylie to find out about her journey so far on the show of the moment and get a few backstage sneak peeks....

Kylie Cooke

Image by Hannah Richards

Three words to describe your X Factor journey so far?


What is the best thing about working on X Factor?

It has to be the people. The Production Team, Directors, OB Crew, Soundies, Make-up Team, Mentors and Contestants but most especially my amazing supportive and sassy 'Pretty Committee' - Daisy Uffindell and Sacha Young. I couldn't do it without them. They keep me going, make me laugh and fuel me (most days with Cacao Smoothies from Little Bird Organics). It's an enormous undertaking working on a show like this and requires extraordinarily hard working people to make it happen (twice) every week for 10 weeks, and that's just the Live Shows. Don't forget we had the TV Auditions, Bootcamp and Judges Retreats before we had the Top 13.

What has been your favourite contestant outfit so far?

To be totally honest I don't have a favourite yet.... but If I HAD to choose then I guess it'd be a tie with Anna and Moorhouse from last week's 'Top 40 Hits' Show. They felt the most like actual 'Performance/Stage' outfits and yet worked very naturally with their respective songs.

What has been your favourite contestant performance so far?

Benny's audition performance of Outkast's Hey Ya is a solid fav but from the live shows it would have to be Moorhouse's performance of Will.I.Am's That Power from last week.... For the first time it all came together for them, they felt current and cool and I can see them making that kind of pop music. The girls and I were dancing around backstage while we watched and I don't even like the song.

What are your plans after X-Factor has wrapped?

I'm heading to Queenstown for a week to work on the Kathryn Wilson & Veuve Clicquot show then my hubby and I will head to the Pacific for a well earned holiday, so I can lay in the sun and recuperate from a very busy five months on X Factor.

Check out Kylie's awesome X Factor snaps....

Anna Vest

I'm mid my 'be-dazzling' on Anna's vest for her Performance of 'Radioactive' On Sunday's Show


Kylie Cooke

Ruby, Whenua and I doing our best juju lips after we'd finished his fitting


Moorhouse boys, Brock and Rory, all 'Robed up' to protect their outfits during lunch onset prior to Sunday's Performance Show.... Good boys!


Moorhouse looking sharp, cool, calm and collected prior to their awesome performance of That Power.


The fabulous Jackie Thomas wearing the Liam summer 2013 Mystique Dress for her performance of Rihanna's Stay and rocking the rollers during rehearsals

Gap 5

The Foxy Gap 5

Kylie Cooke

Me and my girls (Sacha Young & Daisy Uffindell) in our Performance Show Uniform Sunday night... we like to make working hard as enjoyable as possible :)

Kylie Cooke

Me and my girls in our Results Show uniform on Monday night.... Hardcore b*tches... lol

Stan & Melanie

Stan delivers his best juju lips.... and so does Mel

Kylie Cooke

Mel and I being super cute (not) pre-show....


One of Dom's adoring fans made him this sign this week.... Lol