Liam Winter 2016

Caramel Revisited Part II

Say hello to idiosyncratic sensuality with Liam Winter 2016, as we move to the beat of Connan Mockasin’s new album Caramel. Connan built the album on the idea of what caramel might be like in sonic form, which ultimately inspired designer Emily Miller-Sharma to join the psych-pop troubadour on his musical journey and “make a collection that feels just like the album sounds”.

The songs weave trippy soul beats and effects that are both unsettling and comforting to your ears. For Liam, it translates to a slightly undone silhouette, distinct and flush with character.

Off-kilter twists and folds create subtle interest in fabrics. Composition offers up a similar riot with an embroidered daisy lace reworked to feel fresh, and less connected to its natural origins.

Where Connan tweaks and flips sound, Liam has the same tactile appreciations, taking a considered look at music which oozes on and doesn’t shy away from strange.