Bucket List

We've had a bucket-load of RUBY sunhats arrive in-stores & online for only $59

  1. RUBY Sunhat in Denim


  1. RUBY Sunhat in Floral


  1. RUBY Sunhat in Neon Pink


  1. RUBY Sunhat in Sunset


  1. RUBY Sunhat in Smoke


Phoenix Drinks Winner!

Kathryn was our winner of the Phoenix Organic drinks competition to win an $800 RUBY wardrobe and on Saturday she had a bit of a spree in our Hamilton store... 3 bags full!

Laura, Kathryn and Natalie in our Casabella Lane, Hamilton store

Phoenix Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered and we hope you all enjoyed your free Phoenix drink! Our fave at the moment is the Sparkling Organic Cranberry & Lime, so refreshing at this time of year


Don't Ya Wanna Fanta?

Another new addition to the RUBY polish family, introducing FANTA, named after everyone's favourite orange sugar-punch of a drink!


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