Scent - Thinking Out Loud #2

Tune in to Morning Glory on 95bFM this morning at 11.20am to hear the second installment of Thinking Out Loud with Charlotte Ryan. In this episode we discuss scent: how does scent work to evoke memory and influence the way we enjoy a space or a moment in time?

Charlotte speaks with head chef and owner of The Engine Room; Carl Koppenhagen, interior designer; Kathryn Taylor, writer; Emily Perkins, Lena Lovefrn - of the perfumery 'Ce Soir' in Wellington, graphic designer; Anna Taylor and Liam designer; Emily Miller-Sharma.

If you're not in Auckland but would like to listen to the live stream, you can do so here. If you missed out, not to worry - just visit the FRIENDS tab of this website and then PODCASTS.

Fashion Quarterly - Autumn '12

Penny wears Liam Jacket, crop top, skirt and heels.
In this photo, Penny is carrying luggage that belonged to our Liam designers late grandmother.


Jessica wears Liam Blacktie dress in Rust


Georgia wears RUBY Turtle long dress


Ella wears Liam Golden shorts