Scent - Thinking Out Loud #2

Tune in to Morning Glory on 95bFM this morning at 11.20am to hear the second installment of Thinking Out Loud with Charlotte Ryan. In this episode we discuss scent: how does scent work to evoke memory and influence the way we enjoy a space or a moment in time?

Charlotte speaks with head chef and owner of The Engine Room; Carl Koppenhagen, interior designer; Kathryn Taylor, writer; Emily Perkins, Lena Lovefrn - of the perfumery 'Ce Soir' in Wellington, graphic designer; Anna Taylor and Liam designer; Emily Miller-Sharma.

If you're not in Auckland but would like to listen to the live stream, you can do so here. If you missed out, not to worry - just visit the FRIENDS tab of this website and then PODCASTS.