Ruby Music Contributors - Courtney Sanders

The second playlist commissioned for the RUBY stores is by Courtney Sanders.

Courtney is the editor at Always Sometimes Anytime

Playlist #1: Sun Hits the Sky - This is the quintessential playlist. Taking artists from genres like chill wave and surf popcourtney-transmission, all of these tracks remind one of both hazy, lazy picnics on a sun-drenched grassy knoll and the sweaty dizziness of partying through until the sun breaks again.

Below is the track listing of the playlist...


Playlist #2: Transmission - The darker, more mystical sister to 'Sun Hits the Sky', this playlist takes the current obsession with all things otherworldly and represents it musically with a series of electronically dense, layered tracks. It's the intellectual alternative to the carefree nature of fun summer loving; reading classic literature, listening to records, wearing thick, black eye-liner. this playlist doesn't go to the beach, ever.

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U Magazine

Brazilian online magazine U Magazine features RUBY Metallic pieces. As shot by Jessica Sim and styled by Imogen Wilson

RUBY Metal Tunic


RUBY Metal Jeans


Ruby Music Contributors - Alistair Deverick

Recently we comissioned four friends to put together playlists for our RUBY stores, all of which is too good not to share!


  1. Alistair Deverick - Alistair is a musician from Auckland. He has a solo project entitled Boycrush and plays drums with The Ruby Suns and various others, like Lawrence Arabia and Watercolours.

Playlist #1: Bedrooms - This playlist is focused on songs and remixes made mostly by one person (maybe in their bedroom). The Songs have mostly electronic drums and you could dance to some of them.

Below is the track listing of the playlist...


Playlist #2: Conducive to Movie Moments - This playlist is to make you think you are in a movie or possibly even a tv show, one with lots of soft focus.

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