Ruby Music Contributors - Lia


Lia is our final contributor to the RUBY store playlists for this season. While studying Fine Arts at the University of Auckland, Lia walked into the 95bFM offices and found her musical outlet - sharing tunes with anyone who would listen. She's spent the past four years interviewing artists, producing and hosting shows on the radio station and is now behind the wheel of the Monday afternoon Drive show. Each week she can be heard orchestrating an eclectic blend of tunes, chats and features.

During the day Lia is usually found buried in books, but at night has a fitting soundtrack to accompany her while she's immersed in darkness working on her photography practice or djing at bars, events and house parties around the city.

Playlist #1 - Booty - Loot, swag, treasure, a person's buttocks.

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Playlist #2 - Pop - Explode, burst, go off, popular music.

*Have you ever grooved in front of the mirror pretending to be your favourite star? Have you ever danced so hard you sweated until your clothes came off? With somebody who loves you? This compliation brings together popular music throughout the ages that is both explosive and heartfelt. Enjoy and lip synch along, c'mon you know you want to.

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