We Love Lu Diamond Flowers


There's nothing like a bunch of beautiful flowers to brighten up a dull day, so we were really excited when we discovered Lu Diamond Flowers. Run by Lucy Houghton, we love the carefree and fun aesthetic of the Lu Diamond arrangements.


We caught up with the flower-obssessed Lucy to find out about her new venture and all things flowers...

How did Lu Diamond Flowers come about?

I would often talk about my love for flowers with my friends and family and how I wanted a job where I could play with them all day everyday. I think its important to do what you love, that way you will never have to work a day in your life.

It was around Valentine's Day this year that I decided to try my luck at selling some of my flower creations. I made up a few rose bombs, which I call Lolly Jars, attached a Lu Diamond Flower tags and off I went! I kept getting orders from friends so thought it would be fun to set up a Facebook page to help spread the love between my peers. Not long after I was starting to get requests from strangers which made me feel like a rock star!


What's your favourite type of flower?

At this very moment I would say Tulips. The variety of colours, patterns, structure and shapes are so incredible. They also have a mind of their own and tend to grow and fall in whatever direction they please. The parrot and gold dust tulip are so breathtaking. There are even tulips called “Night Club” and “American Dream”. Be careful googling those ones.

How would you describe your floristry style?

Maybe a bit quirky, but always striking. I’m forever influenced by everything around me, my method and style is drawn from what inspires me; I’m not trained as a florist so I tend to just go with the flow.


What is the most exciting thing you have done with Lu Diamond Flowers so far?

The most exciting thing for me has been the people I have met since starting this adventure that I otherwise would not of had the opportunity of meeting. I also love being the bearer of good news and always welcome hugs and high fives from strangers.


What can we expect to see from Lu Diamond in the coming months?

Oh so much it hurts my head! I have some custom made Lu diamond stamps on their way, wild window installations…and hopefully a few events under my belt. Oh and a fun Lu diamond Flowers Campaign which I’m super excited about…expect beautiful blooms and potentially some babes.




Warhol in Wellington

We recently went along to the amazing Warhol: Immortal exhibition at Te Papa and were completely blown away!

Andy Warhol still remains an enigmatic pop art figure, even 25 years after his death, and the Te Papa show celebrates this! The exhibition includes drawings, paintings, Polaroids, screen prints and vintage family photos on loan from The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, exploring the phenomenon that is Warhol’s work on a deeply personal level.


We put together a few of our favourite Warhol works that are on display at Te Papa...

Self Portrait

Cow Andy Warhol




If you're in Wellington, we highly recommend you check out Warhol: Immortal! It runs until Sunday 25th of August.