Lu Diamond Flowers: Floral Party Trick

It’s spring which means summer isn’t too far off! This month, Lucy from Lu Diamond Flowers shares with us her favourite summer party trick. We can't wait for a warm summer day to try these out!


One party trick that always impresses is the beautiful effect of freezing flowers in your ice. It's super easy and will only take you a few minutes to prep!

Simply collect mini flower heads that will fit in your ice tray and freeze as per usual. I have used carnations, pansies, mint and roses. These are all edible, however, carnations are quite bitter and roses don’t taste as good as they smell. Feel free to have nibble of a pansy - mint is delicious.



Once frozen add to jar of water, lemonade or maybe a fancy cocktail.


Do exactly the same to get the effect of a “gourmet ice block” by adding your favourite flavour to an ice block mould.


We can't wait to try these out!