Christmas: Jamie-Lee's Santa Stocking

What do you want under your Christmas tree this year? Mademoiselle's Jamie-Lee is one of our favourite bloggers from the Capital city and shares her Santa wishlist and how she'll be celebrating Christmas this year...

What are your plans for Christmas day?

My parents and cousin's alternate hosting Christmas each year, and this year we are heading out to my cousin's place for Christmas lunch. It's generally a pretty low key affair, with BBQ, salads, and plenty of dessert. With any luck the sun will be out so we can spend our lazy afternoon basking in the sunshine.


Most memorable Christmas…

Had to be when my cousin spiked the Tiramisu just a little bit too much. Every single bite was drenched in Brandy!

Favourite Christmas food?

My family background is Greek, so the food we eat on Christmas day tends to deviate from the traditional Kiwi fare. Growing up, my favourite food on Christmas day was always spanakopita, with layers and layers of home made buttery pastry encasing a flavoursome spinach, feta and rice mixture made by my Yiaya. Not only does it taste good, but it always invokes happy memories from when I was younger and would insist on helping her make it!

Share with us your RUBY Santa Stocking dream wishlist....

RUBY Goodnight PJ's - Masquerading as a two-piece yet not a fully fledged 'onesie', I just love the Goodnight PJ's and am already having daydreams about how perfect it would be to wake up in them on Christmas morning.

Liam Bright Shorts - I've spent the past two months searching for some denim shorts for the summer, and after recently trying these on, I'm pretty sure they're it. The cut is flattering and the linen is ideal for those balmy summer nights, which we're bound to have over the Christmas break.

Lonely Cyd underwire Midline Bra & matching lace briefs - I've long wanted to purchase some of Lonely's delicate lingerie, although found that the soft-cupped, wireless styles offered me little support. Upon hearing that the Lonely team had introduced an underwire range, felt somewhat revolutionary, and the Cyd underwire lace bra, and matching briefs have since been nestled at the top of my wishlist.

Grown Alchemist Hand Cream - I've been going through a 'Grown' phase lately, and just love the vanilla orange scent of their hand cream.


MYDEERFOX black leather Tote - I'm not really in need of a new leather tote, but if I was, this would be it.

RUBY Miles Mini Dress - I'm a francophile by nature, and of the thinking that when it comes to stripes, more is more. This dress is such a sweet smock style (comes in handy when over-indulging during the festive season) and universally flattering - every girl I've seen try it on looks smokin'.

RUBY Ingenue Heels - A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes! I already have the RUBY Kingsley Bow flats, but the Ingenue bow heels are faultless for the Christmas party season, in mint or black.

Liam Shundar Dancing Top - I just love the beautiful sheer silk jacquard fabric of the Shundar Dancing Top and the small bells adorned to the ties at the back of the blouse.