Lu Diamond: Christmas Floral Wreath

This month the super talented Lucy from Lu Diamond flowers gets into the festive spirit and shares with us how to make your own floral Christmas wreath...

Lu Diamond

This is my first wreath I've made and it was so fun and easy to make. I have already proudly hang it on the front deck!

A couple of items you will need to grab before you start creating your Christmas wreath are florist wire or fishing wire, Oasis and a Wreath frame. You can build your own frame using a thick florist wire but for first timers using a frame gives you a solid base to work from which makes it a lot easier and quicker.

Lu Diamond 1


  1. Soak your oasis in water over night. Once it has soaked right through you can collect your greenery + flowers. I picked some ivy and a fluffy green fern to mix in with my carnations and peonies.

    Lu Diamond 2

  2. Weave your greenery in and around your frame so you start to cover it up. While doing this, start to think where you would like your flowers to sit in your wreath, you can add as many or as few as you like.

  3. Cut the wet oasis into small squares and sit them where you want the flowers to be on your wreath. Attach the oasis to the frame using wire or string.

    Lu Diamond 3

  4. Trim your flower stems to about 2cm and begin placing them into the oasis. The oasis will help your flowers live longer - pour a cup of water on the oasis every day so it doesn't dry up!

  5. Keep adding more greenery and flowers till you cant see the frame! Make it as wild or as simple as you want it to be.

Lu Diamond 4