Liam Autumn 2014 Online Now

Liam Perception

Liam PERCEPTION Autumn 2014 is here!

If you're in Auckland Central tomorrow lunchtime, pop into RUBY High St at 1.00pm to see Liam muse, Watercolours perform songs off her enchanting new EP, titled Portals. We'll also be celebrating at all RUBY stores tomorrow with delicious Ginger Beer from our friends at East Imperial x

New Year's Resolutions: Deanna & Emily

With the New Year, comes New Year's resolutions. We had a chat to our RUBY Designer Deanna Didovich & Liam Designer Emily Miller-Sharma about their plans, big and small, for 2014.


Emily Miller- Sharma, Liam Designer

Emily Miller-Sharma

  1. Get out more – both in my working life (by taking portable work out of the office and doing it at a café or park or city square) and also in my life life. see more plays, go to more galleries, listen to more community speeches etc.

  2. Consume good media – if I let myself, I get overwhelmed by the amount of movies, tv, music and writing that exists which is counter productive because it means I shut down and don't consume anything. so I need to forget about being overwhelmed and just consume.


  1. Leave work at 5 at least once a week – it's easy to just stay an extra hour, half hour, couple of hours every day if I'm not careful which means I just turn in to a go to work, come home, go to bed, go to work weird machine.

  2. Keep pushing – to do better work basically. challenging myself to make cooler things.

  3. Paint more – I feel so relaxed when I paint and it's such a nice thing to do because it's something that is only for me. no one else has to buy it, or even like it.

  4. Take good care of my friendships – goes with out saying. it's just good to remind myself.

  5. Be a good daughter / sister / granddaughter / niece – same as the friends thing, should go without saying really.

  6. Volunteer at the women's refuge – I have been meaning to do this for so long but for no reason just keep not getting around to it. maybe if I say it to many people I will definitely do it.

  7. Generally try to be nicer – sometimes it's hard, especially if I'm tired or stressed out. but a general rule of thumb for me to remember is to treat people like it's their birthday.

  8. Be funny – lol

Deanna Didovich, RUBY Designer

Deanna Didovich

  1. Run the half marathon in October - either that or at least get to 10km!

  2. Give Blood.

  3. Buy a house


  1. Have a tropical holiday

What New Year's Resolutions have you set yourself for 2014? Good luck! x

Inspiration: Liam 'Perception' Autumn 2014

We can't wait to welcome our Liam Autumn 2014 collection, titled PERCEPTION, into all stores this Friday.

We thought we'd share a few of our Liam designer, Emily Miller Sharma's PERCEPTION inspiration images with you....

Shigeru Ban



For Autumn 2014, our Liam collection explores the juxtaposition of two elements and how one influences our perception of the other.

PERCEPTION was triggered by beautiful images of a three-storey curtain that runs down two full sides of a Shigeru Ban house in Tokyo, where the fluidity of the curtain intensifies the way one perceives the remaining structure and its inflexibility.

The collection plays around with the combination of opposing materials and silhouettes. The use of opaque and transparent silk, a heavy-knit rib offset by a silk crepe de chine and boxy silhouettes with a flutter at the hem are seen throughout the collection.

Alongside the development of Autumn 2014 range, Emily worked with Chelsea Jade of Watercolours to create a series of garments for her musical endeavours. Elements from this collaboration are incorporated into the range creating a clean and modern take on a winter wardrobe.