Ruby Loves: Inner City Eats & Treats

There's nothing better than lovely company, good food and a lazy weekend in Auckland's central city which has so many great cafes to experience. We've adventured out, exploring the nooks and crannies of central Auckland to find some of the cities' best treats for you to indulge in over the weekend.

Giles Luncheonette, Shortland Street

One of the newest cafe's on the block, Giles Luncheonette is abuzz during the week fulfilling the appetite of busy Auckland professionals and is just as popular on a Saturday. It is just around the corner from RUBY High St so it's safe to say we're regulars at this spot! It's a special little eatery with a lot of heart supporting local New Zealand talent with Supreme Coffee and Al Brown's Best Ugly Bagels on offer alongside a tasty menu. If you've got a sweet tooth, Giles has a selections of delicious pieces provided from The Caker daily.


Image by The Denizen

The Store, Britomart

It's the best of both worlds with this cafe of two halves. Tucked away on Gore Street, the takeaway side of The Store is a treasure trove of treats for those wanting to grab a bite on the go. Enjoy pastries, tarts, filled baguettes and freshly baked artisan breads while you wander around and explore the City Farmers' Market on a Saturday morning. But if you're after a leisurely lunch make your way around to The Store's cafe side with it's seasonal all day menu and award winning gelato - yum!

The Store

Image by Britomart

Mojo, Vulcan Lane

Heartwarming and delightful with a vintage aesthetic, this Vulcan Lane espresso bar is just a tiny piece from the expanding empire of Wellington-based coffee roasters, Mojo. A spot for true coffee connoisseurs, Mojo provides an ethical range of blends and bean origins along with freshly made edibles. The decor and exposed brick interior gives us the cosiest of feelings and makes us want to tuck ourselves away here on a rainy Saturday with a fresh brew of coffee and some good conversation.


Image by Gather & Hunt

Ortolana, Britomart

From the stunning garden-like greenery that surrounds its' diners to the delicious and fresh produce, Ortolana is our favourite places to go when we want to enjoy a leisurely weekend meal. The bistro does everything from brunch to dinner and its open kitchen means you see the skill required as the chefs prepare you meal. While you're there, try one of their homemade sodas and if you're feeling a little naughty, treats from local dessert bar Milse are on offer.


Image by Metro Eats

Which spot is on your list for the weekend? x

Ruby Weekly: Minty Macfarlane

Take a peek into the mind of one of our lovely RUBY girls to discover her daily outfits and inspirations with the latest installment of our new series RUBY WEEKLY. This week we caught up with our Sales Manager Minty to learn about her key pieces, style picks and favourite lip colours.

How I tend to style my look each day is a little unorganised. I'm not really one to plan my outfit the night in advance unless I have a special event to attend. I begin by choosing one piece of clothing - it's usually the first thing that catch's my eye and my mood for the day - and then I will work to create a look around that piece.


MONDAY: RUBY Fields Shirt, Lux Crystal Choker, Riot Chain Boot & Valerie Pleat Skirt

Today I was instantly drawn to my Fields Shirt. It's a bit of a favourite of mine at the moment and I like that it's a little bit grungy yet still feminine. It's also incredibly comfy to wear which is a Monday must! I wanted to dress it up so I paired it with my Valerie Pleat Skirt from our AW13 Mr Destiny collection. I generally keep my make up pretty natural with a lip colour. Today I went for M.A.C's Pink Nouveau.


TUESDAY: RUBY Bird Shirt, Lux Crystal Flat & Stardust Jean

I was feeling a little under the weather so craved comfort and simplicity today and chose to wear my Bird Shirt with the Stardust Jean. For footwear I went for our new Lux Crystal Flat which are incredibly cute and add a nice touch of sparkle to your day. Today's lip colour is my number one favourite and definitely the colour I wear the most often, M.A.C's Lady Danger. And this is my puppy Bear.


WEDNESDAY: RUBY Fields Shirt, Riot Chain Boot & Imperial Jewel Necklace

I couldn't resist going for my Riot Chain Boots so I started my look around them today. I paired them with a silk dress and then threw over my Fields Shirt as a layering piece. This outfit could have looked quite grungy which isn't really me so I accessorised with a super pretty necklace, the Imperial Jewel Necklace and then added a nice plum lip colour which was M.A.C's Rebel.


THURSDAY: RUBY Bedrock Skirt, Rumours Ankle Boot & Liam Vapour Sweater

Now that it is starting to cool down I have been going for more long sleeved options. I have been waiting patiently to debut my Vapour Sweater and today was the perfect day. I'm still trying to make the most of having the option of bare legs so I paired the sweater with an old favourite of mine, the Bedrock Skirt. For my lip colour I wanted to keep it feminine so went for M.A.C's Lovelorn.


FRIDAY: RUBY Babyshamble Heel & Liam Meander Pansuit

I don't know what it is about Fridays but I quite often find myself in a pantsuit so I went for my number one favourite at the moment, the Meander Pantsuit. For the last day of the week I felt like dressing up a little so I paired it with a beautiful white kimono that I picked up from a market on a recent holiday in Vietnam. I can’t go past the classic red lip with a monochrome outfit so went to my old favourite M.A.C’s Lady Danger.


SATURDAY: RUBY Dazed Playsuit, Trip Fontaine Blazer & Lux Crystal Choker

Today I dressed in preparation for the cyclone so I decided that coverage was key. I went for the Dazed Playsuit which is totally adorable and I love how the ruffle sits off your shoulders. I also took along my Trip Fontaine Blazer just in case. To accessorise I wore my Lux Crystal Choker and M.A.C's Lady Danger.


SUNDAY: RUBY Sloan Longsleeve Top, Dazed Ruffle Skirt & Rumours Ankle Boot

For a lazy Sunday I wanted to be comfortable so went for my Sloan Longsleeve Top. I am obsessed with the colour and the mesh raglan sleeves are a nice touch. I paired it with my Dazed Ruffle Skirt and my Rumours Ankle Boot and surprise surprise my lip colour is M.A.C’s Lady Danger.

What's your favourite outfit? x

My City: Ryan Mcphun

For our latest installment of MY CITY we took a trip to the other side of the world chatting to Ryan McPhun of The Ruby Suns and Spring Break about his new home town. A man of many talents - he's a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer - the ex-pat Kiwi's latest residence is the chilly city of Oslo, where he tells us about the perks of living in a place surrounded by snow, art and culture.

I was born in California to an American an a Kiwi and lived in Auckland for around ten years. Last year I made the move to Oslo to be with my Norwegian lady. So for now, Oslo is my city.

Ryan McPhun

  1. Ryes Bar

    An American-themed grog lair right near my apartment. The main reason I go here is because it has a beer special from 6-8pm everyday. 3 beers for 100nok ($20NZD) - that's pretty much half price.

    Ryes Bar

  2. Vigelandsparken

    This is Gustav Vigeland's crowning achievement. The park is chock full of his sculptures, both psychedelic and traditional, all centred around a giant obelisk comprising tonnes of individual sculptures of different kinds of humans. Also, there's a sculpture of one very angry baby.


  3. Tjuvholmen

    Though a bit fancy as far as the dining/drinking establishments are concerned, Tjuvholmen is fascinating because it's essentially a neighbourhood built on stilts above the ocean. Extending out from the Aker Brygge area of Oslo, it's home to some great galleries such as Pushwagner & Haaken and one of the better Norweigen treasure troves, the Astrup Fearnly Modern Art Museum. They've got the MJ & Bubbles sculpture by Jeff Koons! Where this floating burrough meets the sea the architects made sure there was an integrated public swimming area replete with diving boards, step ladders and a sandy beach.


  4. Tryvann

    This is Oslo's local ski mountain and it's pretty good too. You can take the metro from Oslo central station almost to the bottom of the slopes.


  5. Korketrekkeren

    A little down the mountain is apparently one of the best toboggan runs in the world. This one is about two kilometres long. There are several exposed cliffs along the way if you felt like going for a fly and it's scary how fast you can go. The metro goes right to the top of the track. Photos don't do it justice really - take a look at this video.


  6. Holmenkollen

    Nearby the Korketrekkeren is Norway's newest ski jump that you can see from almost anywhere. Ski jumping is a huge deal in Norway and they've been competing here since 1892. You can take a ski lift to the top of the jump and look down but I could never imagine doing this.


  7. UFF

    Across the street from Oslo central station, UFF is the best place to go for old Norwegian knit sweaters and 80's ski jackets. I've always enjoyed European op shops and Norway has a very long tradition of knitting with wool using unique patterns. With Oslo winters sometimes getting 30 degrees colder than your average Auckland winter's day, I'd be dead without layers of wool.


  8. Grunerhagen

    Right near my apartment, this little park is on a hill right by the river and is a great place for a picnic in the summer and to shred the rails in winter.


  9. Hvalstrand

    This is actually in Asker, 20 mins west of Oslo, and it's a great place to swim. The city has installed a 3-tiered diving platform at 3, 5 and 10 metres. I'm still too nervous to jump off the highest one.


  10. The Ocean

    It's still very hard to get used to the idea of the sea being freezing. Even in documentaries about Antarctica the ocean water is still flowing freely. But in Oslofjord, this isn't the case. The ocean freezes and you can walk and ski on it or just kick it with your boots.


Thanks Ryan - we would love to visit Oslo and experience all it has to offer!