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We love snuggling up in our favourite coats as the cooler weather arrives, so we're really excited to welcome our RUBY & Liam Autumn/Winter 2014 coats into store today!

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Lu Diamond: Autumnal Blooms

Something as simple as a bouquet of flowers goes a long way to cheering up a dreary day or adding some prettiness to a room. This month our resident florist and maker of beautiful bouquets Lu Diamond fills us in on flowers that thrive during the chilly months so we can still have a bit of beauty and colour in our lives.

Autumnal Blooms

My top floral picks of the Autumn season are dahlias, tulips, roses, calla lilies and lisianthus. All of these flowers make my heart sing and are currently my favourite flowers to use in my gift bouquets, weddings and events. They are all so extremely different from one another with their diverse colours, shapes and textures which make them all so easy and exciting to work with.

Dahlias & Tulips

Dahlias & Tulips

Dahlias and tulips like to make a bold yet short impression. Once both of these flowers have been cut from the garden they don't have a long shelf life - but this makes them extra special! Dahlias usually show up at the start of January and are off on their way by April, whereas tulips don't usually start appearing at the flower market until April. If you find yourself stumbling across tulips now, pop them in a cool-shaded area so they don't melt in your vase.


Calla Lilies & Lisianthus

Calla lilies are my new found love in dark purple and black tones. So dramatic, the radiate class and sophistication. Its hard to believe they grow from funny-looking knobby tubers. Oh lisianthus! I use this flower a lot, they are soft and delicate and get top points for their vase life, if left in clean water they just keep going and going. Usually calla lilies and lisianthus take a three to four month holiday vacation during the year. Calla lilies during June, July and August and lisianthus take a slightly longer break from August to November.



Colombian roses are the best and are always the star of the show, flowering bigger than your hand and in colour combos that make me scream. Though the Colombian rose is not here all year long, their immediate family and doppelgangers are always in stock and always on my work bench.

Thanks Lu - we can't wait to see more of these pretty florals around!