The Dreamers Dream Team: Amber D

In amongst jetting around the world and a busy schedule that includes fashion shows, photo shoots and events - her latest being for two-time grammy award winner and our and favourite kiwi girl, Lorde - we were lucky enough to work with the very talented M.A.C Cosmetics' Senior Make Up Artist for Australia & New Zealand, Amber D on our RUBY AW14 campaign.

Amber D

What was your make-up brief for the RUBY AW14 campaign shoot?

The goal was to look cool and not too done. We also loved the idea of a glowing face with a subtle white eyeline to keep the look fresh.

What were the key M.A.C products used to create Tatyana’s look?

To make the skin look super fresh I used my fave M.A.C combo of mixing Prep & Prime Natural Radiance Primer with M.A.C Strobe Liquid and massaging it onto the skin. A light correction where needed using Studio Finish Concealer followed by a wash of M.A.C Tint Cream Colour Base around the eye kept the look minimal and clean. The white eyeline was created using M.A.C PRO Pure White Chromaline applied with a M.A.C #210 eyeliner brush.

Have you worked with Steven Chee before? What’s the best thing about working with him?

YES! I have worked with Steven on a previous RUBY campaign. I love how relaxed the days are and how the team always works together so easily to create amazing images, of course there's always a few laughs too.

Amber D

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

Excellent layering and outfit options is always the highlight for me plus I love how easy it is to glam it up with a red lip – M.A.C Ruby Woo is always an autumn must have! I am always traveling between seasons so autumn collections are great as they cross over easily depending on the weather.

What’s your favourite piece from our RUBY AW14 collection and why?

The Lux Jeans are my pick for sure – perfect to wear everyday!

Lux Jean

What do you love about living in Sydney?

I LOVE everything about it, there seems to be a million places to shop/eat/keep entertained. I also love the light in Sydney, it always seems bright and clear so I guess that's why Australians are so attracted to colour – it just feels happy and optimistic!

What’s your favourite job you’ve done to date and why?

I have been traveling with Lorde recently and doing her makeup for The Grammys and her video for Team was an incredible experience. Overall, my career is full of amazing experiences from the international fashion shows each season to working at the ballet, the circus or on celebrities. It's a crazy ride!

Lorde Metro

What’s the best location that your career has taken you to?

There are SO MANY!!!! Its impossible to answer as I have fallen in love with many great places on my travels and each for different reasons.

Thanks Amber!

Henrietta Harris: Haven't You Ever Looked Up?

Our talented friend, Henrietta Harris' latest charming print, Haven't You Ever Looked Up?, has us wanting to swirl up our hair and adopt the messy-bun trend once again. In between gallery showings and sketching for magazines we caught up with the artist - whose popularity is growing by the minute - to chat about the inspiration behind the print and what's in store this year.

Henrietta Harris 1

Tell us a bit about this illustration?

I did some sketchbook drawings of a girl with a top-bun just as a fun quick practice and loved how the hair looked all messy piled on top like this. So I took some photos of Auckland blogger Maddy Budd in my studio and used her as a model as she's very photogenic/paintogenic. This painting is more of an on-going attempt to capture a snippet of movement and familiarity.

How has the start of 2014 been for you? What exciting things have you been working on?

2014 has been pretty amazing so far! I worked over Christmas (which was 2013 I know) on an illustration of 6 French chefs for Vanity Fair France which was pretty daunting. I'm happy with how it turned out though. I've also been working on pieces for a group show in March at my gallery in Miami which includes work by Banksy, KAWS and Anthony Lister amongst others. Also very daunting! As well as those two things, I finished off the artwork for Grayson Gilmour's next album Infinite Life.

What can we expect to see from you for the rest of the year?

I can just now confirm I'm having a solo show also in Miami in February next year! It'll be an indulgence to have an entire year to work on pieces - usually these things are some what rushed. I'm not sure what else I'll be up to yet, it's been a bit crazy and I never plan more than a few weeks ahead at the best of times so I'm just thinking about the solo show really.

Henrietta Harris

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