Ruby Loves: Pantograph Punch X Metro Magazine

Metro magazine and online publication Pantograph Punch have teamed up to present, The Briefing, an evening showcase of the best arts and culture talent, on tonight at Auckland's Q Theatre. To celebrate, we caught up with Pantograph Punch editor, Rosabel Tan, to hear about the events' origins and why it's an evening not to be missed.


Tell us a bit about Pantograph Punch...

We're a website that features smart, interesting writing on arts and culture. The best part about working for the Pantograph Punch is being surrounded by people who are devastatingly impressive.

What would be your favourite interview you've done so far?

It would have to be the time I got Duncan Greive and Chip Matthews in a room together to talk about music criticism. Years ago Duncan wrote a scathing review of an Open Souls performance and in response the band wrote a mean and quite threatening song called 'The Critic'. Even though they had never met Duncan it was all about him and included personal details from his life. When I found out I decided to get Duncan and Chip (the bands' bassist) in a room together. They had never met before and it was a little awkward at first - for a moment I even thought things were going to turn sour - but they ended up getting along.

Who are five people you'd love to have at a dinner party?

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google because I'm fascinated by how he thinks.Jeffrey Eugenides and Lorrie Moore, they're two of my favourite writers and have warm and witty voices that I think will translate to life.Either Julia Turner or Dana Stevens from the Slate Culture Gabfest (my favourite podcast).Arthur Miller, because he's one of my favourite playwrights - he married Marilyn Monroe and I want to know who that man was.

How did The Briefing come about?

We'd been talking about it for a while. We wanted to put something on which would be like a tasting platter for all the best talent in Auckland, as well as offer a little behind-the-scenes insight and some smart conversation and debate. It happened that Q Theatre liked the idea too and came on board as a sponsor. From there everything fell into place, this will be the first collaborative event between Metro and The Pantograph Punch and I can't wait.

What can guests expect to see this evening?

A cross-section of everything we're excited about this month. We've got Guy Montgomery and Guy Williams talking comedy. NZ Opera are performing an excerpt from L Traviata, and we're screening a short documentary about how Silo Theatre became what it is today. We've also got Renee Lyons presenting a scene from Verbatim, a play that was created from interviews with perpetrators of violent crimes and their victims, and performances by The Jubilation Choir and folk singer Eli Driftwood.

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