Ruby Weekly: Elise Hoggard

In the latest instalment of our RUBY Weekly series, we catch up with RUBY High St girl Elise Hoggard. Currently in her final semester at AUT, majoring in Film & Television, this Wellington expat works and plays in both fashion and theatre, which inspires her very eclectic and creative outfits. As someone who bases her outfits on how they make her feel, Elise gives us a peek into her daily outfit picks, reminding us that a good outfit can do wonders for your confidence....

My wardrobe is an eclectic mix of op-shop and designer buys - filled with clashing prints and lots of colour. I'm definitely more of a tomboy; long-sleeve tees, baggy jeans and sneakers are my usual combo. What I really love is constructing a masculine outfit with feminine elements to find a point of difference. Stylistically, I really admire Sita Abellan and Zara Mirkin, however, in saying that I try not to follow trends or aim to impress others, clothes are fun and you should always dress for yourself.



I'm one lucky duck and in my final semester I find myself without any uni on a Monday. Today I chose to wear the craziest dress I found in SaveMart, a pair of grubby Vans and my old faithful bucket hat. My RUBY Bird Shirt in White is the dreamiest item in my wardrobe at the moment and seemed the only piece that would match this outfit - I love the contrast of a simple, tailored shirt with the obnoxious pattern of my dress.


TUESDAY: RUBY Dreamer Coat & RUBY Riot Chain Cuff

It was an incredible sunny day in Auckland so I leapt at the chance to bare my legs, in my leather shorts that I have worn to death. I'm a bit of a tomboy so since I'm wearing shorts and heels today, the final touch was my RUBY Dreamers Coat - super oversized and masculine. I finished the look off with my RUBY Riot Chain Cuff which I like to wear as a choker and a pair of chunky heels to match.


WEDNESDAY: RUBY Major League Skirt

At the moment, I can't get enough of my RUBY Major League Skirt. I wear a lot of baggy clothing and this sexy, slick pencil skirt is the perfect addition to any tomboy outfit.


THURSDAY: Liam Concertina Tank & RUBY Diamonds Zipper Skirt

Today I needed an outfit that would carry me from morning to midnight, as my agenda included a meeting, work and then a film with friends. My RUBY Diamonds Zipper Skirt caught my eye this morning, so I chose to craft my outfit around this piece. I paired it my Liam Concertina Tank, as I love the look of the neckline peeking out, especially under my mesh tee - another amazing op-shop gem.


FRIDAY: RUBY Stardust Jean & Liam Concertina Tank

Today I felt like being a bit ridiculous, Fridays tends to do that to me. I decided I simply must wear my floor length Japanese kimono because why the hell not? Underneath I wore my trusty RUBY Stardust Jeans from a few seasons ago which are well-loved and my grey Concertina Tank to balance out the outfit. I love being a bit reckless when it comes to wearing patterns and the contrasting prints of my kimono and jeans captured that perfectly.

SATURDAY: Liam Solarise Dress

Today is Saturday and I am taking the day off! My best friend Jane and I wasted no time in leaving the house, choosing to spend the morning at the Auckland Winter Gardens - our happy place. I couldn't help but dress the part in my new Liam Solarise Dress. I adore it.


SUNDAY: RUBY Dolly Check Shirt

More often than not my flatmates and I find ourselves down Dominion Road at our local dumpling spot - New Flavour. This may just be my favourite place in the universe so to match my excited mood I popped on my RUBY Dolly Check Shirt in Taupe and some Timberlands...judging by this picture, it was a pretty happy evening.

Thanks Elise! x

Celebrations: Dream Honeymoon Destinations

After your big day, relaxation is key! Months, and even years, can go into planning your special day, so once the dust settles, winding down and enjoying one another is just as important as the wedding day itself. Here's a few snaps of incredible honeymoon spots we wouldn't mind jetting off to...





The Observatory_South Africa



The Observatory_South Africa2





Are you on the hunt for dresses for your special day? Make sure you check out our custom made Liam Celebrations collection online here x

M.A.C Cosmetics: Kiekie Stanners

We have a soft spot for anything M.A.C Cosmetics-related here at RUBY! Kiekie Stanners, M.A.C's New Zealand National Artist, is someone who we love working with on our shoots and runway shows. We caught up Kiekie to hear the amazing things she has been up to lately in the world of makeup....

Kiekie 1

What do you love most about your role at M.A.C Cosmetics?

I love that I get to be creative everyday with makeup. Not only do I get to make people feel beautiful, but I love makeup as an art form, as a way to create art on the face. Everyday is so different, from working on a fashion campaign to creating makeup for the Royal NZ Ballet - this diversity is so inspiring! And I get to work with such a wide range of talented people, such as designers, photographers, stylists, hairdressers and creative directors.

What's your favourite makeup job to date?

Working with the M.A.C team backstage at Milan Fashion Week this year was an amazing experience. It was such an honour to work alongside my makeup heroes, and the clothes were pretty good too! I am also very proud that the makeup I did for Lorde was used for the M.A.C x Lorde collection visual. It's pretty exciting to see your makeup, full scale, in M.A.C stores all around the world!


Best makeup tip you’ve been taught...

The importance of creating beautiful glowing skin - if the base looks great, you can add a lot of colour product but the makeup still looks beautiful, rather than heavy. My must-have skin products are M.A.C Prep and Prime Natural Radiance, M.A.C Face and Body Foundation and M.A.C Pearl Cream Colour Base.

RUBY girls are known for their love of a bright M.A.C lipstick. What’s your favourite go-to colour?

I will always be a red-lipstick-girl. My all time favourite is M.A.C Ruby Woo, a vibrant matte red. I always wear it with M.A.C Kiss Me Quick Pro Longwear lip pencil, so I can keep it perfectly in place all day. It's my go-to colour to instantly feel like you can be Wonder Woman for the day!

Favourite nailpolish colour?

I love a matching classic red nail.

What exciting things are you working on next?

I'm getting very excited about working backstage with the M.A.C team at New Zealand Fashion Week. It's always busy and manic, but I love the fast frantic pace of working backstage at shows. It sounds ridiculous, but I miss the craziness when it's all over. I'm also excited about our new store opening in Ponsonby in October!

RUBY The Dreamers Show

Describe your personal style in three words…

Black, Leather & Rock n Roll.


What are your top five RUBY & Liam picks?

Obviously I wear a lot of black, so I love the Jeanne-Claude Dress, Pont Neuf Gown and Biscayne Pantsuit all in black, from the beautiful Liam collection. Come the summer holidays, I celebrate by dressing as differently as I can. The RUBY Angels Bikini and Love Letter Blouse would be my perfect summer 70's groupie look.

Thanks Kiekie! x