Our love affair with Los Angeles-based Bones + Feathers Collective began after spotting West Coast bohemian babes wearing the beautiful jewellery line. Founded by Natalie Mauro & Cole Morrall and handcrafted in downtown LA, Bones + Feathers infuses indigenous style with a modern day luxury. We sat down with Natalie and Cole to find out more about the Bones + Feathers world....

Natalie & Cole

How did Bones & Feathers come about?

N: I was working for a designer who suggested I start an accessories line. I texted Cole asking her if she wanted to start one together and she said, 'Yes! We'll make things out of Bones + Feathers.' We decided that would be the name and it took off from there. We started making fresh flower headpieces, Kate Bosworth wore one to Coachella, and it then evolved into what is now our jewellery line.


Tell us about your inspiration for your Fall/Winter 2015 collection….

We were inspired by geometric shapes, the third eye, and stones. We really wanted to incorporate the white jade, turquoise, and onyx in a way that felt interesting and organic.

What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

Our Snakeskin Bracelet when we want to make a statement. The metal is imprinted from real snakeskin which we are obsessed with. We also love the Crystal Stacked Ring for simple, everyday wear. The pearl pieces are a favourite too, you can feel badass and ladylike at the same time.

Tell us about the Bones + Feathers girl....

The Bones + Feathers girl feels alive in the country and at home in the city. She's is inspired by music, art, nature and travel. She prefers one of a kind pieces over what's on trend. She is fearless. She is bold. She is effortlessly chic and wild.


How does living in Los Angeles inspire Bones + Feathers?

We're constantly inspired by nature and LA is the perfect blend of city and country. We'll be downtown working in the city inspired by the urban pockets of LA and by the afternoon we can be in the mountains or by the sea finding inspiration in the shapes, lines, and colors of nature.

We love visiting LA. What are your top five places that we have to go to on our next visit?

1. The Getty Museum - it's like a modern castle in the sky, filled with art and it has the most beautiful garden.

2. Malibu Beaches - Malibu hardly feels like LA. The water is clean and the surf is fun.

3. LACMA - The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is amazing! It's full of really interesting art and they have the best rotating exhibits.

4. Fairfax Flea Market - It's every Sunday and you can find the best treasures. We are really inspired by things and pieces we find there. We actually produced our jewellery with a local artisan we met there when we first started Bones + Feathers.

5. Tlapazola - The yummiest Mexican restaurant in Venice and no one knows about it! You can always get a table and they have the best margaritas.

Bones + Feathers is available exclusively at RUBY in New Zealand. Shop online now here x