We were lucky enough to work with Roxanne on our latest autumn/winter 2015 campaign. Arizona-raised, Roxanne travels the globe shooting in some of the most beautiful locations. We caught up with the fresh-faced American to get the inside word on her amazing job....


What’s your favourite modelling job you’ve done to date?

I love runway, so being able to travel to London and walk in the Christopher Kane show was my favourite job.


What’s the best location that your modelling career has taken you to?

I would definitely say Australia. The most striking difference was the weather, there was an amazing lightning storm one night that was absolutely enchanting.

Explain how you found working with Steven Chee...

I loved how relaxed Steven was. He let me move the way I felt was natural and he caught the moments.

What’s your beauty routine?

I have found that the less I try to make myself look better, the better I look. I think good nutrition is essential. I take my vitamins, try to keep a positive state of mind and try to get a little exercise every day. Other than that, I rinse my face with water every morning and night and stay super hydrated. I only wear makeup when it gets put on for a job.

Favourite food...

I would have to say Mexican food because it's something I grew up with in Arizona, there is something so inviting about it. I love spicy food of any kind.


Favourite cocktail...

In Australia, I absolutely loved the cider!

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?

Being from Arizona, I love autumn because it finally starts to cool down in the desert. I love to be outside so when autumn rolls around I get to start camping, hiking, and walking outdoors.

What’s your favourite piece from our RUBY autumn/winter 2015 collection?

I'm in love with the Hana Gown. I'm a sucker for an all black outfit. I love how sexy and feminine it is.