We're excited to announce that our RUBY High-Winter collection, inspired by parisian babe Julia Restoin Roitfeld, has finally landed...

RUBY High-Winter Look book images

To celebrate its arrival our friends at Nespresso will be serving their delicious coffee in store at RUBY Ponsonby this Saturday. Further south, the lovely ladies at M.A.C. Cosmetics will be at our RUBY Merivale store today & Saturday, from 11am - 3pm, to make sure you're looking party ready

Shop our RUBY High-Winter collection in store & online now here x


This Friday marks the much-anticipated launch of our RUBY High-Winter collection!

We captured four of our beautiful RUBY girls wearing their favourite pieces from our new collection and channeling their own personal joie de vivre.

Find out what they each have to say about keeping warm and vibrant during the cooler months ahead...


Elise / RUBY Newmarket

What’s your favourite piece from our High-Winter collection?

My favourite piece would have to be the Romy Crop Top, when I wear it I feel like Beyonce circa Destiny's Child era.

What sound tracks will you be listening to this winter?

I'll be listening to the Antlers, Marlon Williams and Tim Buckley. Oh and Johnette Napolitano's Wedding Theme from the film 'Candy'.

What’s your favourite winter past time?

So far in the build-up to winter I've spent my down time reading, taking day trips to Savemart and drinking mulled wine with my friends.

Who is your winter muse?

My muse this winter (and every other season!) would have to be Grace Corby. Fluffy jackets, big earrings and flared jeans forever!


Ella / RUBY High St

What RUBY piece can you not live without?

My Stadium Boots as they are the perfect winter piece! They’re functional yet are such a unique style and work perfectly with pretty much any outfit.

What is your favourite winter dish?

Soups and puddings are my winter staple. In particular, I love broth-like soups with all manner of vegetables and a crusty garlic bread on the side. You also can never go wrong with a great date pudding drizzled in hot caramel sauce.

Where’s your favourite place to spend winter?

Contrary to most winter travellers I love heading to the beach over the cooler months. There’s nothing more striking than the ocean looking incredibly wild and untamed. l love the feeling of going for a stroll across a blustery, wet and wild beach with friends to return back to a bath, warm bach, wine, food and good company.

What’s your best winter pick me up?

I’m an avid tea drinker who loves a range of flavours and styles so during the cold season I find it’s the best way to add a bit of warmth and something special to any day.


Frances / RUBY Production Manager

What’s your go-to RUBY piece for winter?

The Zima Biker Jacket in cherry blossom. The cut is perfect to throw on casually, and it’s the best pastel shade to brighten any gloomy day.

Where is your favourite winter destination around Auckland?

My winter weekends revolve around food, and I’ve been on a mission forever to find the best ramen bar in Auckland. It’s the perfect comforting winter meal. So far Zool Zool and Ramen Takara are in a tie for first place.

What’s your favourite wintery film?

I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service in the weekend and it was really really good! For a classic I can’t go past Dirty Dancing.

What’s your favourite winter drink?

Mulled wine.


Megan / RUBY Hamilton

Where are you most excited to wear our RUBY High-Winter collection?

I am obsessed with the Romy Playsuit that is coming in because it’s such a versatile pieces that combines comfort and sophistication for the upcoming winter. I plan on wearing this casually during the day with ankle boots and a leather jacket. I then have a few occasions, such as engagement and leaving parties, where I am going to dress this one up with heels, a statement necklace and a beautiful light trench. Such a practical piece!

What’s your favourite thing about a New Zealand winter?

I love enjoying the comfort of a homemade soup in the cooler weather. I think New Zealand has such amazing and fresh produce so picking ingredients from the backyard is the best thing!

What’s your top tip for keeping well over winter?

Load up on vitamin c! Try drink plenty of water, I also love to drink hot lemon and honey drinks in the evenings to warm up. Eat a healthy and well balanced diet and sustain regular exercise!

What’s your go-to makeup colours for winter?

I love deep plums and burgundy colours for winter. RUBY Giovanna polish and M.A.C's Diva lipstick are my fave.


We're excited to give you a first glimpse of our RUBY High-Winter 2015 collection, inspired by French-native and New York based babe, Julia Restoin Roitfeld...

RUBY Crop Top & Jacques Skirt

RUBY Carine Tee & Romy Miniskirt

RUBY Romy Skater Dress & Nikolai Jacket

RUBY Romy Playsuit

RUBY Romy Crop Top & Shiro Culottes

RUBY Orchid Gown

RUBY Romy Raincoat

Julia Restoin Rotifeld, daughter of former Vogue Paris editor, Carine Roitfeld, is a woman who lives to her own set of fashion rules, a force personified as creative director, model, mother and ultimate wearer of Paris-inflected style. Keep things minimal, be slightly undone and wear stilettos, she would say. For this reason she quickly became Deanna's muse behind our RUBY High-Winter collection.

A neutral palette of black, white and navy is used, while also acknowledging Roitfeld’s coquettish, feline-like air. Leopard print appears on several pieces, while the lace-up black Orchid Gown manages to be both demure and revealing. Youthful elements are plentiful, evident in crop silhouettes, classic tees, a playsuit and even a raincoat. Modern athletic details also feature, appealing to our active RUBY girl by way of bold stripes, holographic coated tweed and lycra bandeaus.

Our RUBY High-Winter collection will be available at all RUBY stores & online Friday 29th of May. x

Photographer: Karen Ishiguro

Stylist: Amelia Holmes

Model: Sakura @ 62 Models

Makeup: Josie Wignall @ M.A.C Cosmetics

Hair: Aimie Fiebig

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