The Periodic: The Art of Awkward Flower Making

The Periodic is a perfectly crafted and curated publication that celebrates local creativity - from makers, creators, products & people.

Last month we spent the morning making beautiful flower arrangements with the talented trio behind The Periodic for the winter issue. Amazing florist and long-time RUBY collaborator Lu Diamond taught us how to master the art of awkward flower arranging at one of our favourite local haunts, Orphans Kitchen. It was the perfect morning, spent crafting bouquets aplenty with great company.

We've got a few snaps from the day to share with you....

Flowers - The Art Of Awkward Flower Making

Girls - The Art of Awkward Flower Making

Flowers - The Art Of Awkward Flower Making

Ophelia - The Art Of Awkward Flower Making

Final Flowers

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Hello Happy Travellers!

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Auckland Airport Store 1

Auckland Airport store 2

Auckland Airport Store 3

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