We recently discovered a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Kingsland, serving all things fresh, healthy and organic. Greenleaf Organics, owned by brother and sister duo Sarah and Mike, have garnered a reputation for its delicious smoothies and their range of cleanses, delivered straight to your door.

When it comes to wellness, owner Sarah knows the importance of looking after yourself both inside and out. We spoke with Sarah about living a balanced lifestyle and her tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy as we head into the festive season.

Green Juice


How did Greenleaf Organics come about?

Greenleaf Organics started in October 2014, offering organic smoothies and detox cleanses. I wanted a side project while looking after my two year old girl. I had always been a fairly healthy person, but a bout of shingles led me down the path I am now on. It’s all about organic whole foods and nourishment from skin to soul.

Before I knew it the business had taken off and naturally we had to grow with the demand. In February this year my brother and his wife moved from Sydney to be a part of the business. One year on and it has developed into an organic café with a large wholesale offering.

What are your top tips for staying fit & healthy?

Be realistic! If you have fitness and health goals, don't compare your point A to someone else's point G. We are all on our own journey, and it's a matter of realising yours is unique. The only person you have to be better than, is who you were yesterday!

Slow down! I have spent most of my adult life hammering it out at a gym or on a treadmill thinking that was the way to optimum health. All the while, putting my body into stress mode and actually doing more harm than good. By slowing my movement sessions, and making them more mindful, rather than mindless I have benefited hugely. Nature walks, yoga and meditation are all great ways to get your body into alignment and reset. Especially when we are overindulging at this time of year, our body needs love, not more punishment!

Go organic! This is our passion at Greenleaf organics, and one that we truly believe makes all the difference to how you feel. If you are drinking smoothies, or trendy cold pressed juices which are often disguised as something "healthy", you want to make sure the produce is organic. If the produce is not organic, you are basically drinking liquid poison. Herbicides, pesticides, insecticides are all over non-organic fruit and vegetables. Not to mention the sugar content! By choosing whole food, organic or even better - vegan smoothies (like ours) you know that you are giving your body the very best. No matter what you got up to the night before!


How do you know what cleanse is right for you and when to do it?

We have several options on offer because we believe that each person’s body has different demands. If you’re wanting something super clean, lean and low in calorie's and sugar, our NAKED cleanse is most popular. If you want a beauty boost of antioxidants and organic skin food, then the BEAUTY cleanse is the way to go. If you are a guy and require higher protein, calorie's and you do more than a usual amount of physical movement, then the FIT cleanse is perfect. We’re always available to answer questions, and have a qualified nutritionist on board for regular consultation.

What’s next for Greenleaf Organics?

We have so much planned! It's a matter of forward planning while keeping up with the flow of a blossoming little business. We are growing our wholesale range, branching out into different offerings, nationwide cleanse deliveries (although, not in its current form as it's too delicate to deliver overnight) this space. Lots on the go at GLO! x



I want the sun on my skin and salty ocean hair! This summer, we're leaving country life behind, packing a trunk and heading to the seaside. For such antics, a relaxed wardrobe is most desirable as our RUBY Resort 15 collection anticipates the adventures to come.

Fifties beach attire is worked into a modern frame, celebrating clothing that is as adaptable as we are. Shades of blue ground the collection, inspired by clear skies and ocean tones. Gingham, the warm-weather sister of plaid, is worked into classic RUBY silhouettes, with sweet ruffles and ties shifting us instantly into holiday mode. Elsewhere, a bold deck-chair stripe stands out in a story of easy basics, and balmy nights out with friends are easily catered for too.

So, take a big swig of that coastal air, and hit the sand running. Your soul will be better off for it.

Our RUBY Resort collection will be available at all RUBY stores & online Friday 6th November x

Sugar Blouse

Bennett Knit Dress

Sugar Ruffle Dress

Bennett Playsuit

Arabella Playsuit

Seabright Crop top & Short

Teardrop Playsuit

Seabright Plunge Dress

Photographer: Guy Coombes

Stylist: Amelia Holmes

Model: Evelina @ Clyne Models

Makeup: Lochlain Stonehouse @ M.A.C Cosmetics

Hair: Lauren Gunn @ 62 Models

Sunglasses: Jonathan Saunders Eyewear

Teardrop Halter Dress


Off-duty ballerina was the inspiration behind the beauty look for our Tonight, Tonight NZ Fashion Week show.

The incredibly talented team from M.A.C Cosmetics, directed by Samantha Holley, created a beautiful feminine, fresh face look that resembled a dancer post-practice; she has wiped off her makeup to reveal her dewy, glowing skin and applied her favourite lippy before heading out with friends.

For the hair, ghd guest artists Sara Allsop and Michael Beel worked their magic to create a 70's inspired look, like our RUBY girl has just let out her bun, and tousled her hair back to its natural state.

With a slight wave in the hair and a full fringe, it really was the perfect off-duty ballerina look.







Create our beauty look at home:



  1. Ensure your skin is well hydrated and apply M.A.C Prep + Prime Essential Oils and Strobe Cream. This will create an illuminating base.
  2. Lightly apply M.A.C. Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation and Studio Finish Concealer under your eyes.
  3. Bronze your face using M.A.C Golden Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm to give a golden glow.
  4. Finally, for the perfect finish, highlight cheeks using Bamboo Cream Colour Base applied with Pearl Cream Colour Base.


  1. Blend Vintage Selection Pro Longwear Paint Pot buffed golden cream onto your eyelids and then apply the slightly darker Bamboo Cream Colour Base into the crease and outer corners of your eye.
  2. Using All that Glitters Eye Shadow, lightly press it on to your lids to finish.


  1. Condition lips before applying M.A.C. Up the Amp Lipstick mixed with White Lipmix creating a feminine pastel lavender.


  1. Apply your ghd root lift spray to towel dried hair and ghd heat protect spray through mid-lengths and ends.
  2. Create a centre in your parting using a ghd tail comb and, if applicable, pull your bangs forward.
  3. Blow dry your hair using ghd air professional hairdryer and a ghd natural bristle radial brush.
  4. Once your hair is completely dry, spritz mid-lengths and ends with your ghd curl hold spray.
  5. Divide your hair into 6 small sections and braid each section.
  6. Using your ghd platinum, slowly apply heat all over each braid from top to bottom.
  7. Once your hair has cooled, undo your braids, shaking them out to reveal your loosely tousled hair.
  8. Finally loosen your curls with a ghd oval dressing brush.
  9. Finish with a spray of ghd final fix hairspray.

Thanks for your beautiful work M.A.C & ghd. You're the best! x