We've recently fallen in love with the delicious variety of cold pressed juices on offer at Well + Good. We caught-up with Well + Good's owner and founder, Joss Jenner-Leuthart to find out more about his new establishment...

Joss Well + Good - The Denizen

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Tell us a bit about yourself...

I'm Joss Jenner-Leuthart, founder and director of Well + Good. I'm also Head Helper for my partner Olivia's The Raw Kitchen.

How did Well + Good come about?

I've been in the hospitality industry and involved with coffee since I was 18. In that time I've seen trends in food and drinks come and go. But over the last two years I've seen the importance of health and contribution to people's well-being come centre-stage in the industry. Today, it's something everyone is starting to take notice of and it's only going to become more of a focus.

There is nothing better for the body and mind than a good dose of 100% raw food, and raw, cold pressed juice has gained huge international attention for its health benefits in recent years. We thought too many juices on the market were high in sugar, overly processed and just generally uninteresting. So we went about crafting a new breed of juice - one that's nutritionist-designed, tastes amazing, looks pretty sharp and more than anything leaves you feeling a million bucks!

Well + Good RUBY

Do you find that there are a lot of misconceptions around juicing?

The concept of cold pressed juicing is not one that is fully understood by a lot of people and that is why we are really keen to educate the public on the amazing health benefits that cold pressed juice can have on your overall wellbeing.

We have a passionate team at Well + Good, most with a background in nutrition, all of whom integrate juices into their daily routine as part of a healthy lifestyle. We are looking forward to communicating to the public about juices being a great way of obtaining an abundance of important vitamins and minerals into your diet on a daily basis.

Not that we have favourites but what's your most recommended Well + Good cold pressed juice?

We all love our green juices at Well + Good! Our 01 juice has over 500g of green vegetables per bottle – this would be very hard to consume in one sitting had it not been juiced! The 01 is a great cleansing, detoxifying juice that will promote oxygenation throughout the body and give you a good energy boost. It’s a great one to start the day on, and features prominently throughout our cleanse programmes. In fact it's so good, I get usually get through a good 3 or 4 a day!

Thanks Joss!

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