Here at RUBY we've been closely following the dynamic sister duo, Julia & Libby pave their way in the world of health & nutrition. It's not surprising that only 4 years into their journey they have published their first cookbook comprised of, never seen before delicious wholefood recipes that help to nourish the body, mind & soul.

We spoke to Julia & Libby about their blog and how it led to them publishing their first book, Julia & Libby's Wholefood Kitchen....

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How have your roles developed as your business has evolved?

We share roles within the business. Every day is different and we always have different campaigns we are working on which makes our job interesting and fun.

What inspired you to start studying health & nutrition?

We were both big party girls growing up but eventually it started to take a toll on our health. Libby decided to study nutrition and that’s when we started experimenting with healthy recipes and that is how our page started.

Has your blog lead to any changes in your personal lives?

The blog was first started because we had a change of lifestyle, not the other way around. By eating more fresh, wholefoods our health has improved dramatically!

In your opinion, where has the current wholesome nutrition movement come from?

There has been a huge health movement and we think it is because there is so much information coming out now about the food industry and how certain foods impact our health. There are a lot more people finding out that they have food allergies or intolerances and having to look at alternatives. When people start to improve their diet and lifestyle they feel so much better, it becomes a ripple effect.

What have been the main challenges you’ve faced since starting your business?

The main challenge has been having people doubt your authenticity and criticize what you’re doing. It used to bother us in the beginning but now we don’t give it any of our time.

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What has inspired you the most along the way?

Our followers inspire us every day and knowing that there is a need for simple recipes that include lots of nourishing ingredients and taste great at the same time.

Everyone has got a vice, right? What's the one delicious treat you can't say no to?

J: Potato fries are my favourite. I always make up my own by chopping up potatoes and baking them in the oven with olive oil and salt. There is a kumara fries and aioli recipe in our book. These are both are a healthier and more nourishing alternative.

L: Cheesecake is my absolute weakness, especially cookies and cream. We have a beautiful recipe in our book called the ‘Peanut Butter Cheesecake.’ It is vegan and tastes amazing!

Do you have any personal favourite recipes from your cookbook?

The Watermelon & Mint Salad, Chicken Slaw, Beef & Quinoa Meatballs and the Lemon Curd Tarts. Too many to choose from.

What's are your favourite pieces from our latest RUBY collection's?

L: The Lila Pleat Skirt and the Aloe Crop Top.

Thanks ladies! We can't wait to start making delicious, fresh & healthy meals from your cookbook...

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