#whomadeyourclothes Kintwear

Who made your clothes? Or rather, #whomademyclothes; the hashtag for the global Fashion Revolution movement and more specifically, Fashion Revolution Week. We’re in it, folks; the seven-day period where brands and buyers are encouraged to have an open conversation about who’s beneath the seams, behind the cuts, and below the labels. The week where you get to encourage transparency in the fashion industry, ask the hard questions and find out who is doing their bit to make fashion in a safe, clean and beautiful way.

At RUBY, we know who makes our clothes. We know each of our makers by name and what time of the day they work best. Our cutters and makers aren’t just cutters and makers, they’re part of the fabric at RUBY. So we want to share them with you, in the hope that you can begin to know them like we do, as wonderful, vibrant, talented craftsman and not just a number behind a machine. So next time you pick up that turtleneck or gown, look beyond seams, fabric and labels and envision the hands that create…

Gary, Shirley and Carol: Our Cutters.

A cord with three strands is not easily broken. These guys are some of the most hard-working skilled people in the world of cutting and have been with us from the word go. Just imagine cutting twenty left sleeves at a time with perfect precision? Terrifying. You could probably give them cutting instructions in Elvish and they’d still do a perfect job. So next time you pick up one of our RUBY t-shirts with the stripes matched perfectly at the seams, whisper a word of gratitude to these guys.

#whomadeyourclothes the cutters

Leon: Our Outerwear Maker

Definitely one of the nicest guys in the business and someone who shares our passion for a perfect blind hem. There is nothing that is ever too hard or too much trouble for Leon. Hours of thought and care are put into every welt pocket, every press of the iron and every button and buttonhole. His coats are perfection, beckoning inspection. Go on, you won’t be disappointed.

#whomadeyourclothes Maker

Terry and Tania: Our Knitwear Makers

This husband and wife duo know how to do knits well. Sleeve, no sleeves, long or short, they make our knit garments like they’re going out of fashion (they’re not!). There’s also the added bonus that Terry makes you feel like his favourite person in the world when he answers the phone and gets a little pink in the cheeks when you notice his new haircut. And there’s no bad cop in this duo but Tania certainly knows how to do business. Welcome to the T team.

So, of course, this is only a snapshot of a few of our geniuses behind the scenes, so please, ask us about others! We’ll tell you their favourite greeting, what colour they wear the best and how graciously they change their stitch length when it’s at 2.5 and we decide we want a 2. Let the questions commence and do us the honour of showing you the handwriting that makes RUBY so unique. We’re an open book, after all...x