With every new collection comes challenges and changes. Luckily, there’s a passionate team here at RUBY HQ working hard to make the magic happen.

Our Production Assistant, Annie, talks stress, showbiz, and choosing to swim.


It’s 5:25 on a Monday that should be a Friday. I’ve spent the day on the phone with makers, levelling pleated skirts and sitting in traffic. We launch RUBY Spring in one week. HELP.

My eyes feel heavy, my jumper is covered in loose threads and as I sling a hefty roll of fabric over my shoulder I almost wish it would flatten me.

But it’s no drama! Ha.

I trudge up the stairs and throw the roll off my shoulder where it hits the floor with a DOOF, punctuating my entrance. Aimee and Tandi or ‘The Prod Posse’ (aka the nickname that I wish would stick) turn to me, after realising the thud was, in fact, me, and not Drizzy dropping the beat through their headphones. “What’s your status?” Tandi asks. I look at them both with my best attempt at puppy dog eyes (they probably look more similar to Anthony Hopkins from Silence of the Lambs but you have to give a gal points for trying) and explain that the stripes don’t match, the buttonholes are still yet to be buttonholed and I’m pretty sure our makers have caller ID and are purposefully ignoring my calls. And just at the very moment when I can feel my muscles preparing to contract into the fetal position, a smile spreads across my face. It’s the same frightening smile that surprises me at funerals and insists on showing up at the receipt of the terrible news. But there’s something very comforting about choosing to laugh in the face of catastrophe so hysterics it is as we challenge the gods of Fashion to smite us some more

Dial it back to the nineties when no one wanted to give drama a bigger laugh off stage than Corinne Day, the iconic fashion photographer and inspo behind our No Drama collection. Her aim was to strip it back (literally, see the Camber Sands Kate Moss shoot) and make fun of this drama that fashion so often feeds on.

So what if ‘No Drama’ isn’t referring to the absence of drama but instead to the refusal to let it dominate? The fan may get hit with a lot of questionable things, all of the toys may get tossed from the cot and that underwear of yours might just get itself into some very unique knots. Take back your toys. Treat yourself to some new delicates. Surround yourself with people who encourage you. Step forward setbacks and all, and learn that the blunders will not be the breaking of you, but rather the making. Don’t become too fragile or serious. And definitely, wear sunscreen.

“It is all about freedom, really,” Corrine Day said, “and being proud of the holes in your jumper.” The holes are our battle scars, after all. And despite what your Grandad says about purchasing clothes that are already ripped, I like my jeans that way. Holes and all.

Thanks Annie x