Garment Construction

I am 100% cotton. My print tells tales of Italian summers, gelato on lips, cobbled streets and sunny afternoon riposi. My flavour may be Italian but my home is New Zealand; designed, cut and crafted in Auckland.

You fit me. I flatter you. This is no coincidence. I have been tested and tried, examined and refined by the most expert eye; pinched and tucked so you don’t have to be. We’re like two sides of a calzone, you and I. There’s no telling where I stop and you start, we’re one magnificent ensemble.

Garment Construction 2

But my story goes beyond stolen kisses on a balcony and snoozy day naps. The stitches in my hem were put there by one hell of a machinist, my seams were pressed perfectly flat by a boss who’s tended to many creases and puckers in her career, smoothing out lines and worries all in one delicate sweep.

Her name is Kate.

She’s funny and caring and can sew a French seam quicker than you can say Numero 37 Viale Lune.

She made me.

Meet Kate. She’s the best.

Annie + Kate


Thanks Kate x

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