Everyone knows a good eight hours can do wonders for the soul (and those black bags that park themselves under your eyeballs).

We know that a trusty nightly ritual is the best insurance for any good night sleep. We also know that our Sweet Cheeks Shorts and Minidress aren’t the only cheeks in need of a little nightly TLC, and that a hot cup of chamomile tea can reduce sheep counting to an absolute minimum.

We caught up with four of our RUBY HQ girls and asked them to spill the juice on their nightly rituals. Read on to find out what helps Ally, Georgia, Sarah and Georgie sleep at night, and take note of some secrets that are off the sleepover level scale.

Ally Rodwell, Buyer

“I can’t go to sleep without wrapping myself in four layers of blankets, slathering my face in Sunday Riley Luna Oil, and burning almost an entire candle. Lately it also has included an episode or two of Handmaid’s Tale, which definitely isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep, but it’s incredible.”

Georgia Barclay, Assistant Planner

“My night always ends with an exit from the family chat. My sisters and I, although all grown up and living lives of our own, always sign out with a simple ‘night night’ after a rundown of the day’s events. With Mums reply, “Sweet dreams”, followed by a lengthy trail of assigned emojis, its lights out, day done.”

Sarah Parker, Offshore Production Manager

“Charcoal happens to be the star of my nightly routine at the moment. After having a shower and putting my hair in a wrap, I brush my teeth with charcoal to maintain those pearly whites. I turn on my air humidifier to fill the air up with dreamy essential oils. I then take some magnesium for a good sleep and charcoal for a healthy gut and I’m a happy, sleepy girl.”

Georgie de Lautour, Head of Planning

“My day ends with my phone away, curled up with whatever book is on my bedside table. More often than not it will be F. Scott Fitzgerald. I fall asleep in a different time and place; sometimes it’s great to just leave today behind, you know! The ironic thing is, sometimes I love an excerpt so much I get my phone out again to take a picture…so the whole no tech before bed thing kind of gets thrown out the window. C’est la vie though, right?”

Love, RUBY xx