Ruby Fuzzy Peach Part II

There’s a free-spirited mood pulsing through RUBY lately. That warm, optimistic feeling is floating around, a longing to stop and smell the flowers. Maybe it speaks to a desire to slow down and reflect. RUBY took this newfound disposition and transformed it into a series of dreamy modern looks.

Fuzzy Peach Part II brings a sunnier palette and flowy silhouettes – a further venture into nostalgia, tinged with delicate chiffon pleats, gentle floral prints, and dipped in polka dots and linen overalls. Everything here has a lightness of touch.

Meet Julia, the retro addition to RUBY’s romantic repertoire. The cocoa brown-and-cream silk polka dot is warm and inviting; the puff-shoulder dress and sleeveless midi-dress are the perfect introductions to tonal dressing this spring. From the caramel paper-bag pants and oatmeal cashmere sweater to the houndstooth suit in biscotti, tonal dressing with RUBY will have you glowing with subtle sartorial confidence.

The crushed pleat Cascade story delivers a floor-length halter neck dress in pistachio. The universally flattering colour and silhouette is the only dress you want to be dancing in all day long.

Billowy and free-flowing, Luca’s rich-green pieces are your go-to. A summer suit alternative, Luca etches out an elongated silhouette, topped with generous bows. And for all the free-spirited and adventurous souls, Rory’s bright white linen overalls are the freshest. Wear with a tee, or your favourite crop underneath.

And before you head off, adorn yourself with RUBY’s gold bouquets. With organic, textural finishes, the new floral jewellery are little pieces of spring ready for wherever the day takes you.

For all the poetry here, all of these pieces feel quintessentially RUBY: pretty, sunny, and optimistic. Everything fluttery, ethereal, and a little ruffled. Discover Fuzzy Peach Part II, and get back that peachy outlook on tomorrow.

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