Ruby The Light

Dear Rubettes,

On one of my many walks around my neighbourhood during lockdown, I listened to an interview with Dutch Trend Forecaster, Li Edelkoort. Li said that in times of crisis, people love knits as we crave tactility and comfort. She also said that the way we design will reset - there will be less produced and everything will be more thought out and beautiful. This was so interesting to me, because I realised that these few points were a direct reflection of how I was feeling about designing, and the changes that I wanted to make in this post-lockdown life.

Working alone at home for six weeks was certainly a new experience. Not having my usual girl gang around me to bounce ideas, flick through fabrics and try on new pieces was a challenge, but it meant I had the luxury of time to research, develop, draw, and create at a slower pace.

My morning and afternoon walks gave me a sense of grounding. Almost everyday I would take the short walk to Western Springs, near my home in Auckland, where I would sit on the lakeside and watch the swans (as dull as that sounds!) in the clean air and golden light. I used those times alone to think about everything and nothing at the same time.

I wanted to cut through the noise and design a more considered collection, rather than scrambling to meet too-tight deadlines with a piece for every box on our checklist. We have been relooking at the number of pieces in our collections and we believe that by limiting the options, we can ensure that everything we produce is the best use of our time, the time of our incredible team of makers, and more time spent focusing on our Toolbox For Change goals.

When designing this new collection, I was very aware of what I was going to want in the next 1, 4 & 6 weeks in my own wardrobe. In particular a beautiful coat, cosy knitwear and a chic dress to wear to winter dinners. I spent time creating these pieces I was dreaming about, without distraction. The Rooney Coat, ankle-grazing, in a graphic green check will be the perfect companion on a winter getaway and for seasons to come. My first dinner out with my girlfriends, the new Bettina Cut-Out Crush Dress, in an iridescent midnight navy, was a winner. After spending hours in my kitchen exploring new recipes and mastering old, it was a no brainer to introduce a RUBY Apron in one of our most beloved poppy floral prints.

The Light is about new appreciations, a collection designed in my home, for you.

Love Deanna x

RUBY Creative Director

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