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Dream team: RUBY Mount Maunganui 20.10.23

Woven into all RUBY projects, community and collaboration were key when bringing this new store to life. Working with Tauranga based multi-disciplinary build & design studio, Homewerk, alongside talented interior designer, Sam Boanas, RUBY hits the beach with openness, colour and small pops of joy.

Sharing more behind the scenes, hear from Deanna, Sam & Oli on the creation of RUBY Mount Maunganui and what was important for them when thinking about you, our dream Rubettes & the RUBY experience...

“Working with both Sam and Oli was an absolute dream. Not only do they both have an incredible eye, they worked seamlessly with each other and our team to create this fresh RUBY IRL vision. It felt right that we partnered with Tauranga local Homewerk, and with Sam working remotely from Sydney, it felt as though we had a global dream team on the job.“ - Deanna

Deanna Didovich, RUBY Creative Director

What was your process in designing the RUBY Mount Maunganui store?

When we began discussing how we wanted our new store to feel, we were in agreement that it was to feel like the RUBY holiday destination store. We wanted to make sure it still felt like you were in a RUBY environment, but with a twist.

We began working with Sam, and after discussing the overall vibe, we began piecing together inspiration, thinking about colours and shapes, and Sam created the concepts which eventually took shape into the space that was created.

As primarily a clothing designer, spatial design is a completely different medium for me however I love to get involved where I can. It has been such an exciting process.

When designing the store, what was important to you?

It was really important to us that when our Rubettes visit RUBY Mount Maunganui, they feel the essence of RUBY and immediately feel part of our community. Colour was of course very important in the design process also. What is RUBY without colour!

What are some of your favourite features in the store?

I love the red skirting boards!

How is this store different from the other RUBY stores?

The bold colour I believe really is a point of difference, and something we will look to roll-out as we refresh out IRL stores.

What makes opening at the Mount so exciting?

We have always wanted to open here, but it was about waiting for the right time and space. When we came across this store we knew it was meant for us. I stayed at the Mount for the first time earlier this year (can you believe it!) and fell in love with the place. The beach is spectacular, the food was great, and it just has this consistent holiday relaxed feel, I’m not surprised so many people make the move.




Oliver Starr, Homewerk Build & Design Studio

When building the RUBY Mount Maunganui store, what was a must-do?

Everything about the store is so fabulous and energetic but I’ve really loved building the Riteveld furniture. Such an iconic designer with such clever furniture design so it’s fitting for the space.

Are there any specific materials or techniques you used to create this space with Rubettes in mind?

We’ve gone shiny and wonderful. The Rubette energy is bright and unapologetic and we admire that immensely. Sam has done a wonderful job with colour and furniture to align to that.

When selecting & working with different clients, what is important to you?

We are pretty funny about who we work with. We really value your energy, authenticity and generosity. So we always look for signs of matching values as we know it will more likely create a cohesive and enjoyable collaboration. We also love a strong wāhine energy.

From when you first started on the project to now, how would you describe the RUBY spirit?

We’ve found the entire RUBY whanau to be friendly, joyful, kind and creative. We love the energy RUBY brings to a space and we are excited to see all the energy around the new space. It’s been such a pleasure working together and we can’t wait for the opening party!




Sam Boanas, Interior Designer

It was important to me that the store felt vibrant and youthful, so we’ve used a lot of colour both on the walls and in the furniture. I worked on the store design very quickly so didn’t have much time to second guess decisions, and this was a fun way to work. Oli made this very easy, and for me working remotely it was great to have trust it was in good hands.




Photos by Shal Addis

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