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Have a rule that you only shop local? Or is it important to you that the materials you wear are organic?

On our website, we have noted when a product's manufacturing process meets the criteria of our five Toolbox classifications listed below.

And, if you only want to purchase pieces that hold one of these classifications, you can filter your search so that's all you will see.


Product has been tagged because it is made from material that has 50% or more by-product content.

We classify something as a by-product because it uses materials that would otherwise be discarded, this could be either from textile production, or another industry. Using by-product materials can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and oceans- turning waste into new products. For example our Liam Patterns are made from a ‘by-product’ of the newspaper/media industry, and our cupro fabric is made from Bemberg™ fibres which is a by-product of the cotton manufacturing process.

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Product has been tagged because it was manufactured in New Zealand from local or imported materials.

For garments, this means the entire CMT process was undertaken in New Zealand.

See here for more information on our manufacturing process, and here for the work we do to support the local industry.



Product has been tagged because it is made from material that has 90% or more organic content.

Organic farming practices mean that the plant is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers which can harm the health of farmers and local communities, as well as degrading the soil quality and polluting local waterways. Supporting the regeneration of soil is important for addressing global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, and organic farming helps to do this.

When organic fibres are farmed there are no harmful residues left on the fibres. This helps to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, protecting the health of farmers, workers and end customers.

For more information on organic fabric production, click here.



Product has been tagged because it is made from material that has 50% or more recycled content.

Sometimes virgin materials are needed in the production of recycled materials to help with durability and stability, however technology is improving and we are able to use more materials that are 100% recycled.

We use a number of different recycled materials. Each of these fibres is manufactured through either a mechanical or chemical recycling process, and will use either pre-consumer or post-consumer waste. For example, recycled polyester is usually made from used plastic bottles. Recycled nylon can be made from excess materials from manufacturing or used carpets and fishing nets. Recycled cotton can be made from excess materials from manufacturing or end of life clothing and textiles.

Using recycled fibres, whether natural or synthetic, helps to reduce our reliance on natural and non-renewable resources.


RUBY Says Recycle

This product has been tagged because it is a part of our RUBY Says Recycle initiative.

RUBY Says Recycle is a place where you will find pre-loved RUBY + Liam pieces contributed by your fellow Rubettes through TAKE BACK initiative, and RUBY & Liam samples and RUBY Upside Down.

For each style we put into store, anywhere between 2 to 5 samples may be made to ensure we get the fit and vibe just right, alongside this, there’s many samples made that for whatever reason, don't make it into store. It didn’t seem right for these pieces to not find a home so we these can be found on our RUBY Says Recycle racks in store, at the end of each season.

TAKE BACK with RUBY Says Recycle, now an always-on scheme, is a initiative where Rubettes can bring back RUBY & Liam clothing they no longer wear into any RUBY store, and can be on-sold as a second hand piece through RUBY.



Product has been tagged because none of the fabric offcuts or excess materials in the CMT process went to landfill.

Click here to see some of the places it does go.



The work and care we put into our product so that each piece is loved for a long time and by many.


We believe in strengthening & educating our local community whether that be those in our team, Rubettes that frequent our stores or those we haven’t met yet.

Carbon Curious

Insights into our carbon footprint and the plan to reduce our emissions.




Carbon Curious