Loyalty Terms + Conditions

Please note: Our Loyalty programme launched on 9 April 2023. All purchases and interactions through your account on or after this date will be included in your order history. We’ve converted your current RUBY loyalty balance from the past six months into our new loyalty programme points so be sure to log in here to see your points and if there’s a RUBY loyalty voucher waiting there for you.




  • Loyalty vouchers are issued in New Zealand Dollars (NZD$), for use online at rubynz.com and in store at any RUBY store New Zealand wide.
  • Loyalty vouchers are valid only on full priced RUBY + Liam product
  • Loyalty vouchers cannot be partially redeemed.
  • You may only use one loyalty voucher per transaction.
  • Whole redeemed loyalty vouchers cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • If the loyalty voucher is for a lesser amount than the desired purchase, the recipient is required to pay the difference at checkout via alternative payment methods.
  • Items bought with RUBY loyalty vouchers can be exchanged but not refunded.
  • If a loyalty voucher is used to purchase a faulty product that requires replacement, RUBY will repair or replace the product with one of the same size and style. If the product is no longer in stock, RUBY will provide you with a refund.
  • RUBY reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.
  • A loyalty voucher can be used with a gift voucher in a transaction.
  • Loyalty vouchers can not be stacked or use with any other discounts (eg. our 10% welcome offer).



  • Shop and earn 1 point for every dollar spent on all full priced purchases, or the equivalent in your local currency.
  • You cannot earn points on third party pieces, sale items or any discounted purchases. 
  • Points expire after 12 months if the account is inactive i.e., redeeming points, placing an order, etc.



  • Split into four levels, your level is based on your total spend at RUBY within one year. The higher your spend, the higher your level and the sweeter your treats.
  • Your total spend is your full account spend within a year that includes full priced and sale purchases. 
  • Once you are in Buzz, Honey, Flower, or Bee, you will be in that tier for one year from the date you unlocked the level, unless you spend more and reach the next level which then you will immediately level up. 
  • To maintain your status you will need to continue this spend for the next 12 months otherwise you will move a level down at the 12 month mark.



  • To earn 30 bonus points on your account for creating a Liam Pattern piece, all you need to do is send through snaps of your creation to hello@liampatterns.com.



  • RUBY SAYS RECYCLE (RSR) points are gifted to Honey, Flower & Bee Rubettes only when they purchase a RSR product through @rubysaysrecycle.
  • The customer must have an existing RUBY loyalty account for these points to be able to be added to their account. 
  • Email address must be provided during the purchase of their RSR piece for their points to be added to their RUBY loyalty account.





  • Birthday points are gifted to Honey, Flower & Bee Rubettes only on their birthdays once a year. 
  • The customer must have entered their birthday against their loyalty account to be eligible for birthday points. 
  • Fraudulent edits of birthdays to receive more points will be removed.
  • In order for you to receive your birthday bonus on your birthday, you must register your birthday in the Loyalty programme at least 30 days prior to your birthday. If your birthday falls between the day that you registered and the 30 day waiting period afterwards, you will receive your birthday bonus 30 days after your registration. This delay is only applicable for the first year that you signed up.
  • If you register your birthday through your Loyalty account any time after it has passed in the current calendar year, Loyalty will not be added to your account until the day of your birthday in the following year.



  • Honey, Flower & Bee Rubettes will have moments of early access to shop new arrivals, pre-order & sale.
  • Depending on your level, early access moments may differ with higher levels receiving earlier access or more moments of early access to shop.
  • Chosen moments of early access will be planned throughout the year, this will not be offered always with every launch.





  • Any content posted on @rubytakessnaps Close Friends account is for Bee Rubettes’ eyes only and cannot be reshared. 
  • Rubettes can be removed from Close Friends if found that this content is reshared or reposted. 
  • For Flower Rubettes to be added to our Close Friends, please send through your Instagram handle in our contact form here.





  • Welcome gifts are only available for Bee Rubettes.
  • You can only receive one welcome gift even if you enter the Bee level more than once.
  • We must have an address against your loyalty account in the case that we need to send your welcome gift out. Any welcome gifts on accounts without an address that reach Bee level, will not be sent if uncollected.



  • Hosting moments throughout the year across our different stores, Bee Rubettes will be invited to join. 
  • RSVP to invitations sent by our team by the specific RSVP date stated is required.



  • Complimentary pant hemming is available with full priced pant RUBY & Liam purchases for Bee Rubettes.
  • Complimentary hemming can only be redeemed at the time of purchase, it cannot be redeemed on past pant purchases.
  • When purchasing a pant in store, if you would like this pair hemmed please chat with a team member in store and they will be able to help you with your complimentary hemming with our local tailor. 
  • When purchasing a pant online, you are welcome to pop into your nearest RUBY store to see one of our team to organise the hemming for you. 
  • Complimentary hemming is available on woven pants only, not available on any other pant type or clothing style e.g. denim jeans, dresses, skirts etc. 
  • Alterations not available in this offer. 
  • We offer 1 complimentary standard hemming per pant, this does not offer any special or blind hemming. 
  • Once your pair is with the tailor, the responsibility lies with the Bee Rubette to collect & manage the communications with the tailor.
  • For our WEB Bees who are not located near a RUBY Store, we will cover the cost of the hemming at their local tailor up to the value of $25NZD, subject to the above applicable terms. Receipt of hemming will need to be provided to RUBY before reimbursement can be issued. This can be provided via our contact form or via Livechat.
  • The responsibility lies with the Bee Rubette to drop off,  collect, & manage the communications with the tailor.



  • Would you like a one-on-one styling appointment with one of our IRL managers? Request through our contact form and our team will arrange a time that works for both!
  • Styling appointments can be redeemed once every 2 months. 



  • Qualifying for Same Day or Express Shipping on orders over $500. Terms & conditions apply as per our shipping terms.
  • Same Day or Express Shipping is subject to stock availability in your local RUBY Store. Use the ‘Find in store’ store availability guide on each style to double check.
  • Purchases made using this offer are only available to exchange, we do not offer refunds for any returns.




  • All purchases made on this account will not contribute to your RUBY loyalty account. Purchases made will not earn points or move you through the loyalty levels. 
  • Your account will be valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Purchases made using your Petal account are for your own personal use only  Purchases cannot be made for others, and account can be revoked if this happens. 
  • Identification may be asked for at time of purchase by a RUBY staff member.
  • Re-sale of RUBY & Liam pieces purchased using your Petal account is not permitted.
  • This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or part payment option.
  • All purchases made using the Petal discount are subject to all standard RUBY Return Terms + Conditions.