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We take our responsibility to contribute positively to our local and global communities seriously. Digest a lil' smorgasbord of ways we show up….

The Best Is Yet To Come

There are some pretty amazing people, doing some amazing things out there, and we are proud to have created a platform that has given over 65 people a place to tell their stories. The Best Is Yet to Come was launched to amplify the voices of people who are working in areas that we think are important, and to educate Rubettes around what is possible.

Have a submission? Get in touch! We pay $150 per piece.


We make alterations to our off-the-rack pieces for people who have a variety of different access needs. Some examples are replacing zips with velcro, adding splits into the back of blazers, or changing the way a garment is put on. If there is a way that we can make our pieces suit your needs better, please get in touch with us at and we will do our best to accommodate you. We don't charge for this service.

Bees Up Top

Bees add huge benefits to our local ecosystems – they’re not just here to create the topping for our toast. They pollinate many types of flowers, plants and trees, helping them flourish. That’s why RUBY HQ house our very own beehives! Lovingly cared for by Bees Up Top, helping to pollinate our local community. We have also donated a hive to Grey Lynn Primary School to allow school children to learn the benefits of bees and what they do for our planet.

Charity Partnerships

At RUBY, we try our best to highlight and support causes that are close to our heart, we feel like we have a responsibility to give back to our community where we can. Recently we have partnered with organisations including the Breast Cancer Cure fashion shows, the Mental Health Foundation, The Women’s Refuge, Dress for Success, and the Auckland City Mission. We also will respond to other ad hoc causes when there is a need for support so please get in contact with us if you have an idea!

Paid Community Days

As part of giving back to our local communities, we not only donate our money and product, but also give space for our team to get out there and do the mahi! All of our full time team members are eligible to take 1 paid community service day per quarter, to work for a registered charity.

Team Training

Our incredible team are key to the future of our business, and we believe that giving them the tools to learn, upskill, and develop throughout their careers, will help them be the best versions of themselves. We run training sessions with people we think are doing great work, some of our favourite speakers and topics recently have been; Matariki with Dr Rangi Matamua, mental health with Dr Sarb Johal, and te reo lessons with Heidi Brickell.


The work and care we put into our product so that each piece is loved for a long time and by many.


We believe in strengthening & educating our local community whether that be those in our team, Rubettes that frequent our stores or those we haven’t met yet.

Carbon Curious

Insights into our carbon footprint and the plan to reduce our emissions.




Carbon Curious