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Is it fancy? Or is it chill?

The vibe is in the heart of the beholder.


A trio of blues
Dolly - of Dolly Parton’s pastel blue eyeshadow
Mullholland - from the dark night in the opening credits of Mulholland Drive
Ultra - a deeply saturated cobalt blue

A duo of drinks
Orangeade - more orange than an actual orange
Java - a delicious cup of morning Joe


A cherry on top
Lippy - a classic lipstick red


Have you noticed Magnolias are in bloom? And have you noticed that their velvety, cold texture of their petals feel just like our signature Magnolia Bemberg fabric, giving it its name.

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Em here xx
I can tell you what I think this collection is, and what it isn’t. But really, if the vibe is truly in the heart of the beholder, what it is, and what it isn’t, really depends on how you see it.