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Beyond Measure | An Open Conversation About Sizing 20.09.23

In conversation with our General Manager Emily Miller-Sharma, Senior Newmarket Assistant Manager Catherine Steiner and special guest Kaarina Rangi Parker, we thank all the Rubettes that joined us for a very special evening to chat on all things sizing within the community.

As you know, inclusion & representation is at the heart of RUBY’s core values and is at the forefront of everything we do. We reached out to a few of our Rubettes who joined us that night to get their wrap up on the event.

"Creating, working for, and working with a brand with an extended size range such as RUBY holds many challenges, opportunities, and excitement and one of my personal passions is sharing that with our size 16+ community. Getting the chance to stand in front of a room full of Rubettes with a shared experience of being outside the “standard size break” and discuss the highs, lows and in between was a monumental feeling that would be hard to articulate. Not unless I could have bottled the energy in the room and sold it to everyone I know, it was palpable. Everyone who attended was friendly, honest, brave, and so incredibly supportive of one another. We spoke openly about the challenges we face as consumers and as creators, celebrated ourselves and our love for RUBY, and most importantly had so much fun!! There was pure magic in that evening, and it truly was a night I will cherish for a long time."

Catherine Steiner, RUBY Newmarket Assistant Manager

"I had such a great time at the RUBY Sizing Event to launch the Spaces collection. To feel included in fashion and surrounded by a room full of babes who felt the same is a new feeling for me as a size 18/20 but something that feels very real and sincere at RUBY. The honest conversations around size inclusion were eye opening and affirming (may never look at ants the same), it wasn't sugar coated but it was hopeful AND helpful. The thought and care the RUBY team take to listen and learn to design beautiful clothes for all bodies is ever more apparent too, almost everything I took into the changing room ended up coming home with me. I've never had a shopping or fashion experience like it and the room was just buzzing, you could see people light up and feel like the best version of themselves - it was actually magic. This is what fashion should be. When can we do it again?"

Evie Kemp, Rubette

"Thank you so much RUBY for putting together such a wholesome evening! It felt SO good to be included as a first-thought (unlike being the after-thought that most plus size initiatives are!). The panel discussion was SO interesting to hear about size grading and design from a technical perspective, but also from Catherine and Kaarina who had the lived experience of being plus-size in a world that so often excludes us. All in all, it was just such a feel-good evening of women hyping each other up and Ruby for creating such a warm environment for all of us to feel seen and heard."

Anahita Paul, Rubette

"Overall, the evening was just so wholesome and uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing everyone’s thoughts, perspectives, and experiences while shopping as a similar size to me. Going in with my size 10 bestie, I was a bit worried that the event wasn’t “for her”; but very quickly was I proven wrong. Shopping at RUBY has always been an experience that has bought us closer together and that was reflective of the evening. Everyone there was acknowledged for their different bodies and had their bit to add to the discussion. It was just awesome. I feel so proud when I wear my RUBY pieces."

Thanks again ladies, you are all wonderful.

Summer Jane, Rubette

Much Aroha to all our Rubettes who attended, without your enthusiasm and passion this wouldn't be possible. Thank you to our drink sponsors for the evening, Batched & Finery Cocktails x

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