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Calvin tie shirt


Satin shirt with a feature drawstring keyhole at the bust, creating gathers fanning out across the shirt. The shirt has full length sleeves with a slight flared silhouette, created by splits in the sleeve cuffs.

Colour: Ink

Size: 4

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Select your preferred size and register to be notified when this style arrives in store

  • Adjustable tie
  • close
    • Fits true to size

    See size guide for fit details and model measurements

    • 100% polyester
    • Fibre: From Fukui Prefecture, Japan
    • Fabric: Made in Fukui Prefecture, Japan
    • Fabric: Dyed in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
    • Garment: Made in Mount Roskill, Auckland

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    Size Guide

    Model Measurements

    Top Measurement

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    HIP CM
    Select size to view measurements

    Make sure you are wearing a bra, unless you never wear one. This measurement should be the circumference of the widest point, with the tape going over your nipples


    This measurement is the narrowest part of your waist. You shouldn’t be able to shimmy it up and down.


    This measurement is the widest part of your bum, not actually where your hip bones are. When you hold the tape measure in a circle, if you shimmy it up and down over your bum it shouldn’t get any bigger. It can be helpful to turn side-on to the mirror when you do this as it’s easier to see the most sticky-outy bit.

    2 (XXS) 71 55 83
    4 (XS) 76 60 88
    6 (XS) 81 65 93
    8 (S) 86 70 98
    10 (M) 91 75 103
    12 (M) 96 80 108
    14 (L) 101 85 113
    16 (L) 107 91 119
    18 (XL) 113 97 125
    20 (2XL) 119 103 131
    22 (3XL) 125 109 137
    24 (4XL) 131 115 143
    26 (5XL) 137 121 149
    28 (6XL) 143 127 155
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    This service is designed to make our size range more inclusive for our Rubettes. If you wish to order a custom size, you will only pay the standard retail price of the piece you are buying as we believe everyone should be able to wear the clothes they love.

    We currently do not offer custom sizing in knitwear or denim, as these styles are made offshore and require a higher quantity to be made, nor do we remake sold out styles in standard sizing. Please note that this is subject to fabric availability and this is not a made to measure service.

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