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Em's Letter ~ Life Comes At You Fast 25.08.20

Hello to all of you out there, whatever level you are on xx

Firstly I want to say that I am extending all of my love to the victims and their loved ones of the terror attacks in Christchurch, and to the wider Muslim community here in New Zealand. The week’s sentencing, while an important step in the healing process, I am sure will be retraumatising.

Let us remember, particularly in the days and weeks following the attacks, our collective resolve to care for those around us - every. Single. Person.

And let us also remember our commitment to the truth, and how easy it is for misinformation to cause serious harm.


Yesterday’s announcement yesterday of level 3 being extended to Sunday for Auckland will have affected you all in different ways. For some it may mean just an annoying cancelling of weekend plans. For others, it could be a real blow. And not just in Auckland - like those in the tourist towns who saw us jafas as a beacon of hope after their international arrivals stopped.

My sense is that we will be rolling in a new way for the next wee while. And as we all talked about in the hazy days of our first lockdowns we know that this needs to happen from a broader perspective (climate change, inequality to just casually throw some major societal concepts into a fashion designer’s email to her customers).

And we are resilient, we know how to adapt. It’s just that working out this new way of doing things may be losing some of its shine. One of the things I loved about lockdown originally was feeling closer to my neighbours. I’m sure thought that Yolande next door wasn’t loving when I turned the prodigy all the way up to dance away the news of the lockdown extensions!

It’s good to remember that together we have been through a collective trauma. The fear and upset covid has caused to individuals may vary, but together it multiplies. I feel like in this case a problem shared is not a problem halved - it can feel like it’s a problem doubled. We’re bored! Our fear adrenaline is running out and we’re annoyed at each other! We’ve run out of YouTube dance classes, and actually we’ve realised it’s so much better to do that kind of thing together anyway!

As always, keep your eyes open to your communities - know that there are people who are struggling and you have the power to help them - even in just a small way.

For some though, you are at your max. Maybe me talking about the Christchurch terror attacks will have been too much. This is okay. You’re in the middle of a pandemic. Be gentle on yourself, and grab for the glimmers of joy when they arise.

Like this song by my nephew. In the words of Olly: “lockdown sucks sometimes, but I’m still having a good time”.



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