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Desk of Em ~ MFNZ + July Update 30.07.20

Hello! Have you missed me? I’m not going to lie, I have missed tap-tap-tapping away to you all.

Sometimes I forget that lockdown was even a thing, but then something reminds me about the reality of the world we are in - a phone call with a relative overseas, or seeing a note I wrote to myself over lockdown - and I am genuinely struck by the enormity of the situation and how lucky I am to just be waltzing around town with very little care.

For us as a team I feel like we’ve got our groove back but are working hard to remind each other not to slip back into old habits - over working, under sleeping, rushing designs through. It’s been important to keep returning to the resolutions I made as we were coming out of lockdown - are they still relevant? Am I upholding them? It’s something that I make time for once a week and recommend that you do also. It can just be 15 minutes, and the benefit I get from the reset is huge.

We’re going to be releasing our new season lookbook this week, and will start delivering it into stores from early august. What an incredible jumble of emotions, questions and dreams went into the making of that collection. It’s a special one this one, and Deanna has outdone herself with the result x

Another piece of news is that tomorrow is the AGM of Mindful Fashion New Zealand. For those who aren’t familiar with MFNZ, we set it up with Kate Sylvester last year with the vision that by working collaboratively as designers, fabric suppliers and manufacturers here in New Zealand we will be much more successful at pushing for real, positive change towards a more sustainable industry than by working alone.

What a ride the past year has been! I feel grateful to have this platform to represent the industry that i love so much. And also, to be honest, a neutral ground where competitors and suppliers can exist together, share, and help each other. The thing about the clothing industry is that we know how to make things look good - it’s in our DNA. But sometimes i think that shiny exterior is our achilles heel - it’s easy to forget we’re just a bunch of people who love playing with fabrics and dressing up to have a good time. Being able to pick up the phone and talk honestly with other designers about what’s going on for us at work, or how i am feeling has been so important to me.

At the AGM we’re launching our two year strategy, and to go along with that we are doing a boosted campaign to fundraise for three key projects we need to move on quick sharp: an apprenticeship scheme, educational programmes for the industry and a digital directory of all of our precious makers (right now it’s easier to find a supplier on Alibaba than it is down the road – gotta change that stat). I know that for a lot of people cash is tight at the moment, but for those who can spare it any lil’ chip in will go a long way to ensure that the post-C19 rebuild of our clothing industry has sustainability at the front and centre.

Regardless, join us on instagram and follow along with our progress. I’m bloody proud of what we’ve achieved so far and feel like this year we are really poised to do some great things.

That’s it from the desk of Em today.

As always! Love!



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